Highly credible and successful.  Here's the basic info on The Movement.  I've included other information after this so you can learn more. 


The movement is about all of us working as one common community, sharing stories, successes and failures as we focus on our goals!

you will receive my 52 Leadership Lessons designed to get you on the path to reaching your fullest potential. You will also be automatically enrolled in our 2013 Goal Planning Movement starting the first week of January 2013.

ENROLL today to start the planning process, review the Leadership Lessons and start planning for 2013. Then on January 4, 2013, you and 10,000 other people across the globe will share one common goal: to reach your goals and start designing the life you have always wanted.

See the list of experts now included in the program.

Link to The Movement site.  It starts off with a mammoth 200+page pdg containing Tom's 52 Leadership Lessons.

Read his story on his site:  Dr. Tom Hill's Story.  "One of Tom’s passions is to make a major and positive difference in as many lives as possible. He accomplishes this through his Vistage/TEC speaking, other professional speaking engagements and consulting with companies and their executive teams."

I recommend you consider signing up for his weekly Eaglezine (no cost).

No compensation:  I do not receive any compensation for referring you to this service, but do let me know if you do it.   Thanks. 

Tom Hill Institute And "The Movement" 

(Note to myself: On my computer, The Movement is at SD, resources,specific by name)
As a successful person who is actually leading a wise life, he is included in my Great "Men" Who Lived Great Lives piece.