Obama shall go down in history as the first Black President and the first to do it based on excellent political instincts and partnering - and with a resume that was rather thin.  But he did, as is to be greatly admired for it.

His pairing up with David Axelrod and David Plouffe is a masterpiece of partnering.  And he survived historical accounts of his struggles to learn what is needed to be a leader, such as in The Confidence Men, by Suskind, where he is labeled a "brilliant amateur." 

He has given many people hope - and has been a very inspiring speaker..

His signature achievement will, of course, be the new health care law..  Of course, it is far from perfect, but it is in place - and can now be improved. 

He "saved" GM and Chrysler via the government taking GM through bankruptcy and then having the country finance the deal.  Although he criticized Romney for not wanting to save them, he was in error on that, as documented in his op-ed in the New York Times (which they, not him, titled), where he suggested how to restructure the companies so that they could survive and then suggested, to insure capital, that the government would fully guarantee all loans (only a fool wouldn't take that deal!). 

Gay rights, including the repeal of the Don't Ask Don't Tell policy in the armed forces, were advanced under him.

And he, after not receiving sufficient support for his Dream Act, used his executive authority to allow those non-legal immigrants who had no choice in the matter to stay without fear of being deported for two years - a bit of an almost Solomon like move in cutting through the middle, in a move that was hard to dispute and which won him a great majority of the hispanic vote, which was sufficient to elect him. 

It is my hope that he will lead this country toward greater harmony and cooperation - hopefully he will have someone help him do that.  His challenge is to step up and take financial responsibility in making sure the Social Security and Medicare programs are placed on a sound footing and to not allow congress to kick the can down the road.   There is a massive financial debt and unfunded liabilities that will insure that middle class taxes have to rise substantially (since there isn't enough money to close the gap from just the highest income people) and that there will be a huge bill for the next generation - it takes no rocket scientist to calculate the numbers.  His courage in taking a firm stand on this will be a super achievement of being fiscally responsible and will put him into history as a great President who put aside Party politics to serve the people. 

May he lead this country well and may he and his family prosper in life!

He shows how far a man can go when he is determined, with an unprecedented success at a rate of progress that no man I know of has ever accomplished.  2 years before his Presidential campaign started, he was a state senator, rising to being elected to the US Senate, where he really had no time to accomplish anything.  But he did favorably impress many.   A special man in a special time that is a turning point for America after a huge financial meltdown.

Now that is quite an inspiring story and he has set an example of what is possible - and hopefully that will inspire a great number of people to "go for it" and to do some great things!