In a relatively short period of time, you can get the grounding and the path to being a much happier and much more effective human being.  There's some learning needed, of course, but there are also discrete, doable actions that lead you along the path. To the extent you want to access other resources to master more, there are some carefully screened resources to utilize. 

These get right to the point and don't waste any of your time. 

BUILDING A POWERFUL PERSON - This should not be a mystery, but few people do the sequence and practices that make it easy to be that powerful person who is a master of life and relationships.

ASSURING HAPPINESS - There are things that will create happiness - and most of us aren't doing that, as they do not know what actually creates enduring happiness.

CREATING A LOVING RELATIONSHIP - Doing this is one of the, if not THE, greatest experience of one's life.  Just eliminating the barriers and suffering can be a godsend, but to take it to the next level is a wonder.

UNDERSTANDING THE BASICS OF LIFE - Having an excellent overview of how life actually works and how life can be a "game" rather than a matter of survival and efforting.   

HOW TO CREATE A WHOLE NEW PERSON - We can "re-create" how we operate and the impact we have on others and life. 

HOW THE MIND ACTUALLY WORKS  AND HOW TO MANAGE IT - This is so much the key to living a good life, eliminating unnecessary stress, and to managing it all for maximum happiness!


THE MOST POWERFUL PRODUCTIVITY PRINCIPLES AND THE PROGRAM TO ATTAIN IT - We waste so much time doing "low return" items that we miss many pleasures, many joys, and much happiness, failing to be as effective as we can be, with ease, grace, and fulfillment.

THE COMPLETE LIFE LEARNING PROGRAM - Build a personal psyche that is incredibly supportive and tying it together with all the other things that work.  This program builds the whole human and great supporting structures.

REACHING EMOTIONAL MATURITY - Without this, the capricious child and immature critic impulsively guide us through life instead of living a life of fulfilling maturity.

LOVING AND ACCEPTING YOURSELF FULLY - This is really what people want, though they put interminable effort and suffering into trying to get it from other people!

LIVING A NO-BLAME, NO-FAULT LIFE - Self criticism and criticism of others disappears from your life, making life easier and relationships definitely be better.  Imagine a life without self-criticism.   
THE 7 MOST IMPORTANT FACTORS FOR A GREAT LIFE - Make sure all these are in effect, in this order, and you'll have the life you truly want. 

For your use in learning:

Master List Of Books, CD's, DVDs, and Workshops
For now, until all of these are separated out, you would use the search engine or the contents/links pages to find and follow these programs.  Note that the contents/links pages are formated so that you can read the grounding pieces and then go to specific other learning pieces and implementation pieces.

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