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Why this format?
The importance of perspective
Not something to skip in order to "get on with it"
Why this type of learning
Listing and links to the QuikLearn modules


Why this format?

Although these summary modules are presented in an outline, powerpoint type manner, they can provide alot of substance in terms of perspective and overall understanding of life.  While it is true that you may not understand a concept without more explanation, it does lay out the basic idea to be addressed - just enter the concept in the search engine and read any further defining and expanding information. 

The importance of perspective

We tend to live life in a narrow band, often losing our perspective.  But if you follow some of the principles that make life work, you'll seek to gain perspective so that you can decide the priorities of what will make the most difference in order to live a better life.  You can't do that with havilng an overview looking down over life in its entirety.  Then we choose where to go down to earth and visit the subject (like a city or state, with subparts to visit also).

Perspective is what those who achieve higher wisdom always have.

Not something to skip in order to "get on with it"

If you skip this, you'll be spending time in the wrong or less effective places as a consequence of not seeing the whole picture.  Yes, you want to fix a problem as soon as possible, but long term solutions come from a higher perspective and a better approach.  And tying all of life together can make all the difference in your life. 

Why this type of learning?

It can be frustrating, if you let it be, to not know all the details clearly behind a concept, but this type of learning is very effective, as it speeds things up and it results in a quicker learning elsewhere as you fill in the blanks, so to speak.


The Quik-View Overall Life Summary Modules - Has overall outlines and links to the life summary modules.

  *** UNDERLYING BASICS OF LIFE Part I - "Letting Go Of Limitations and Fears And
               Creating A Whole New Life Game" - Truth, Made-ups, Emotions, Limitations and                             Barriers - Getting To Happiness
  *** UNDERLYING BASICS OF LIFE Part II - "Creating A Whole New Person, Centered,
                Clear, and Powerful" - Viewpoints, Breakthroughs, Responsibility, and Creating Powerful
                Ways of Being
                Underlying Basics Part III - Emotional Maturity, Desired Behaviors, and Mastery
                Underlying Basics - Decision Making and Problem Solving
                Underlying Basics - Life Productivity Management 
                Underlying Basics - Creating the Relationship You Can Thrive In
                Underlying Basics - Health and Physical Fitness
                Underlying Basics - Financial Mastery to the Level Needed