A false affirmation is anything that has me feeling bad (beyond slightly).  I list those here for processing.  I list these in a journal or some other form of accumulation, so that I can later revise them.  "I will not leave harmful beliefs in place.  I honor myself by removing them.  I shall not tolerate toxins in my mind."  (My main repeated beliefs are listed separately in Top 10 Tunes.)

These are things that I affirm to myself.  As suggested to me, I need to look at whether those are true and apply the beliefs changing steps. 

I recognize that, to the extent I am not happy, I am barraging myself with toxins and untruths.  I need to greatly cut these barbaric marauders down in number and to put in place good, healthy substitutes, for one shuld not tolerate those toxins!!!!


I can only do so much and then I feel overwhelmed.  (This might be part of a misaffirmation and also a warning about a human reality:  that doing too much can cause overwhelm.   I can simply restate this one in a positive and true format and/or I can go through and actually read the materials on this by putting "overwhelm" in the search engine; also, she'd go to "'hurried and rushed".) 

    I can't seem to strike a happy medium.  (I haven't found myself creating a happy medium.  But it is absolutely untrue to say I can't, as I surely can - anybody with basic intelligence can do this, all one has to do is learn and then do what others have done who are capable of doing that.  It is a matter of just doing what it takes and I can create this.)

   I don't have enough time.  (I don't manage my time very well, but I am the one in charge here.  It is patently false that I don't have enough time.  Others with basic intelligence who have learned how to manage this have enough time.  I am simply putting some things in there that don't have high enough payoff.  I have plenty of time.  I have more than enough time to accomplish all that is truly important to me.  I will not squander my time on being too good at something that does not deliver enough value to me.  I commit to learning how to manage this resource of time, using this site and/or its recommended resources.)

    I hereby commit to taking care of myself so that I can be calm and in charge of my life.  I do not try to be perfect or greatly accomplished in too many areas, as I realize that the extra return for the effort is not as great as other things that will provide me with more satisfaction and nourishment.  For this reason, I learn about time management with regard to this (see site's discussions). 

I don't seem to have initiative to create structure.  (Implies a "I can't.  After all, the evidence proves that."  Yes, I haven't created structure many times when it could be useful.  However, I have created structure before or I could not have succeeded as I have (such as in graduate school). 

Nothing gets me excited. (I notice the way I phrase this, as if I am waiting passively to have something come along to excite me.   I realize it is up to me to create that.  I also realize that it is false to imply that I cannot do this, as, if any other person of basic intelligence can do it, then I certainly can.)

I have hurt her.  (From my higher thinking self, I realize that I do not have the power to hurt anyone, except physically.  It is their thoughts and filters that create hurt for them.  The circumstance I am for them is only one of many that they create hurt from - and they will continue to do so until they increase their awareness.  Certainly, I will not purposely create something that they can make themselves feel bad about it.  It is of higher value to me to honor my boundaries and to honor myself by being authentically who I am.) 

      The implication that I am responsible for how others feel is a false one.  As a child that was a delusion since I had no boundaries and ability to discriminate as to where people left off and I begun.  I also took myself as being the center of the universe (which I know not to be true now) and as having (magical) powers over others and being responsible for what happens in the world.  I now see that I am only responsible for myself, period.  As part of that, of course, I have a value of honoring others and having good relationships, so I am not wantonly selfish, just judiciously so. I recognize also that, when in doubt due to the cultural "drift", that it is best to err on the side of being selfish, so that I am an excellent supplier to myself.

I can only handle up to three affirmations at one time.   (Factually false.  It may be true that I have set it up in my mind that there is a certain way of doing affirmations that requires me to put so much into three affirmations that I can't do it.  But the missing here may be the awareness of how to do affirmations and/or what is effective. "I will be open to outside ideas and not be stuck on one way of doing affirmations" is a better affirmation.  "I will discuss this with Keith and then try out what he suggests, and then we can work back and forth on devising what will work the best.  I understand he has looked at this in depth, and, though he could be off on a few things, it is probable that I could benefit from doing as he suggests."  "I promise to follow up by doing what he suggests."

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