Comm with Barbara:

You had suggested in your phone message that we should talk once a month and communicate weekly via email.  I thought that made good sense.  Having calls that were not productive is definitely not a good idea.  So, I thought, it would be good to have things in writing, where they definitely are dealt with in more depth, rather than the typical obscurity and often no final result typical to the calls.  But there is no "form over substance" position that I would ever take, so it is inaccurate to refer to it as "Keith's position" - I only have one position, but it is for substance, and that is that I stand for you harvesting what it takes to create the life you want and the happiness that is so available.

One problem I have tried to figure out the solution to was to have you see what would work and then to "do the work", so that you can make progress.  Your assessment that you've made no progress in two years could be because I am unqualified to lead you in the process and/or that you are simply not doing the work.  I think it is an unacceptable alternative to continue to live "Groundhog Day", dealing with symptoms and emergencies but not finishing up the work needed to cure the problem. 

So, I ask, what will work?

Your call:  From your call, I got the following:

You would like to do something more convenient.

You object to "artificial rules" [all rules are, however, "devised" to get a result; if they don't work, then we change them; just as I advocate for beliefs, which are a form of a rule]

    1.  Article read 1st [I thought it was a good idea, as it creates completion and adds potential substance to the communication that wouldn't be there if we are repeating the same old thing at the same level of knowledge as before and hoping for better results]
    2.  Have to have it be "focused" [what else would you like from the call other than focusing on you getting a benefit?]
    3.  Have to type this, as arms are weak.

Feels like this rel. is breaking down [not sure what that means, in form or function?  Is it that it is not serving your purpose?  If so, specifics would be useful, as the product of generalities is almost always nothing or very little - clarity has power.]

Not know if interested in once a month call [ What would work for you?]
Not so many rules and prescriptions [If one studies life and that area, one discovers that having good rules has a huge, huge, huge payoff.  Perhaps you are objecting to "rigidness", which is not necessarily attached to having rules, especially when dealing with someone who has no attachment to rules and is happy to change in order to create something that works better.  But my "condition" or top rule would be that this relationship facilitates significantly reducing your unnecessary suffering and your functioning in such a way that has you get what you want out of life, including happiness.]

So, what will work?  You tell me.  [It does no or little good, typically,  to communicate criticism or why-nots without some suggestion of what would create progress.  Without a progress part to it, it is simply a complaint, which is disempowering.  With a progress part, power and empowering are added. (Power = ability to get a result)]

So, please let me know, so that there can be some "supporting structure" that will have this work for the results that are desired. 

[It is a law of productivity that a "supporting structure" is needed in order to live life more effectively, more productively.  It is one of the top laws in life.  You've probably heard reference to it in your Landmark seminars.  In the Wisdom series it was one of the central points.  No supporting structure, no gold ring.

Also, have no purpose to what is being done causes purposeless wandering and lack of progress toward what someone wants.  One of the laws of productivity is to have a purpose, a reason, a seen benefit to what is desired, so that one is motivated and so that one stays on track, rather than wandering around randomly and staying in the land of non-productivity and non-happiness....


Success formula for life:   Whadya want?  What will work to get it?  Now go do it!  Few adequately clarify the first, so of course they don't get what they want!  Even fewer spend much time learning and determining what will work and then setting out a plan, so how in the heck can they do what will work to get them what they want?  The power for all of life lies vitally in determining what will work - without it, there is no success, only wishing.]