I choose to create a purpose, although I know that I do not need any.  However, it does seem useful and has been proven to be beneficial to create good for others. I understand that thinking of others creates one's not being stuck on thinking about oneself.  I understand that the activities involved help to provide a structure for me to not think about myself and to do something that I can applaud myself for, since one of my values is that of helping other people to be better off in life.

It is also not unreasonable for me to do good things for myself.  After all, the purpose of this purpose thing is to have me be happier - which is certainly a worthwhile thing!!!!!!

WHAT FILLS ME UP (more description will be added by Barbara


Working with refugees (and I also feel good about "vocational counseling" and the contribution I am able to make there. 


I realize that if I do not unthinkingly commit to too many things that I have the time to insert into my schedule those things that the most valuable (the Big Rocks).  I realize the great value of doing those things that I truly value.  Therefore, I will insert a reasonable amount of time into my schedule so that I will feel fulfilled and complete in those areas. 

This is a pledge, a deep promise, to myself, as a contribution to myself, as a way of meaningfully loving myself.

Signed this ____ day of ________________, __________