You may find this hard to believe.  I was somehow frozen in time in caveman days, long ago, how long ago I don't have any idea of.  I was found, although this has all been kept secret, 15 years ago, and brought back to life.  Fortunately, my benefactor had the means to have me be educated rather quickly.  Needless to say, this has been an incredible journey.

It doesn't matter whether you believe me, but it does matter if you choose to look at life from my viewpoint, which I call the "Viewpoint Of A Caveman." 


I think that mankind has a warped  idea of what life should be and also that people fail to see all that there is that is so good, taking much of it for granted.   Taking all this for granted!!!!????   Incredible!! Seemingly impossible!   How could people not see the great abundance and what looks like to me to be miracles?!!!!?  How can people be so blind???  

I'm astounded at this modern world!  Miracles all about!  TV, phones you can walk anywhere with...


I remember what it was like before mankind created this wonder of a world.  And even that old life was pretty darned good, although nowhere near what it is now.

At times, I did get concerned with having enough food, but I managed (obviously) - and I need not have worried.  We had learned to team together by then, not out of any great magnanimity or love but out of necessity.  I think this was one of the great advances of mankind that we should be immensely grateful for, for it created benefits to us that are immeasurable.  The harnessing of those energies into a common direction, to fill a common need, has made life so incredibly much better. 

Yes, there were realities that existed in our world, but also the "other side" existed.

I was cold at times, but I even appreciated, savored, the warmth of the sun even more. 

I knew what I had to do in life, for, in those days, survival was the key activity we engaged in.  I simply did those, not questioning them nor agonizing over them like modern man.  If modern men simply let go of their resistance, they'd be much happier. 

There was no concept of "life is hard" or "doing the work of survival is hard".  We simply did it.  It was all we knew.  We didn't conceive of something else that was better that we "should" have - how ridiculous!

And life seemed sweet. 

The carnal pleasures that we got to participate in once in a while, the true attachment and closeness to our families and, what you call today, our "extended families".  We got to dance around the fires (we loved the warmth of the fire) and "sing" (though it didn't sound anything like today's music!).  Such a blessing!

I did so love life. 


Yes, we did confront a few things.  I ran into a bear once and had a few more close calls with mountain lions than I might have preferred.  But my remarkable danger reflex and body system got me the heck out of there, really fast.  I ran, and then I rested (and all the danger chemicals dissipated quickly).  It was no big deal.  It was actually quite stimulating.

It is interesting to see how Modern Man "runs" but almost exclusively just in his head and then doesn't  "rest" at all or allow the dissipation of all those exciting chemicals that can have long term damage if left in the body.  And man creates all these artificial emergencies that don't really involve any threat to life, but somehow he connects it to survival - or why else would he react in the same way as if it really were survival that was at risk?!?

And Modern Man doesn't seem to appreciate the miracle of the body, seeming to take it for granted.  How blind these modern day humans have gotten.


Yes, we did have to be concerned about doing our part in the tribe, as getting kicked out meant our survival might be threatened.  But we didn't worry about it, as we knew we would do "whatever it takes" to get our part done.  I am astounded to see how people today have "made up" this terrible fear around "being approved of". 

They've taken the instinctual need to be in a tribe for survival and made it into a fear. We cave people didn't make it into a fear, as we knew we could deliver what was needed - so it was just a concern, but not a drag on our lives at all. 

The remarkable thing about the made up need to be "approved of" is that it is totally outdated! 

We have today the equivalent in function of the "tribe" set up, but with no tribe that could kick us out. so there's nothing to be concerned about there!   Everything is supplied for us by others, automatically via our various economic and government systems - what an incredible, wonderful blessing!  And if we are not so likable or capable, the benefits of the system are still available to us!  There is a zero concern level left - and, to think, we have created concern, fear, and lots of stuff that runs our lives totally in a make-believe world, in a paradigm that holds no water!!!!  For, indeed, there is nothing to fear!


I think people have created this "collapsed into a huge pile" version of life, where they take everything and pile it into the "vital" category and then tense up alot about having everything work perfectly to not threaten those actually non-vital things.  They fail to  put things in the proper ring in the series of the concentric rings of importance.  If they did put things where they belonged, they could see that much of it didn't matter at all - and that the loss or the lack of attainment of those things meant nothing, as the core needs are in place and securely met. 

I am blown away with gratitude and appreciation as I go to one place where all the food is brought to and organized for my purchase!   How amazing! 

And I get to go in this vehicle - how could mankind create such things from rocks and minerals

It's like we created something from nothing - just using our brains!  I can't believe the electronics - and the phones, period, but now through the air, even more of a miracle! 


Now aren't all those such incredible blessings, especially when combined?!!!? 

Modern man doesn't notice this, doesn't see it, doesn't appreciate it at all.   So these blessings get a zero value while great negative value is created out of losing or not having some of the things we want or think we "need" or think we "should have".

And I notice that when we sum up the positives and subtract the plentiful, made-up negatives, the modern day humans often come up with net negative!  Now that is, indeed, incredible, unbelievable...and nonsensical, stupid beyond belief...

We set the bar higher, so high that we can't reach it and will always fall short - and then we're miserable about it - incredible!  (A game created in our minds, where we create losing and misery.  How silly is that?  Read Life Is Hard.)

We more than have our true needs met, just not the fabricated ones that we construe as the real thing.  And we fail to see this toxic game we set up and are avidly playing!

These humans need to gain a better perspective on reality, for, if they do, they will be in awe and wonder and overwhelming appreciation for all that we have!!!


As I get up each morning, I get a surge of energy and a tingling as I am overwhelmed with gratitude and the thrill of having so much. 

Life was good before, in my caveman days, but it is incredible and unbelievable and beyond comprehension of such a life as this even being possible at all!  

I am in awe and wonder for what has been created in this world.   I live in great gratitude and appreciation for it all!!!  I am so incredibly blessed to have this extraordinary opportunity to be in this extraordinary world, far beyond what I could have ever imagined. 

(Consider using that statement every morning for the rest of your life.)