In some "growth" workshops, they encourage you to take a 'quantum leap'.  But the question is "how?"  How do we leap over a gap.  The answer is we often don't and we fall into the great chasm, rather stupidly.

I remember taking the really great EST workshops but wondering what people will do to perpetuate the high and the determination and the newfound strength.  How will they have the abilities and distinctions necessary to keep those things in place? 

In most cases, they don't, although there is still a good residual, but not enough.

My ambition that I set at the time was to provide a "bridge".  This website is the beginning of the endeavor to build a bridge to true, reliable, self-determinate skills that will produce life effectiveness and much happiness.

The basic facts are that our learning is largely, at least in big things, sequential.  If we are missing alot of the pieces between where our knowledge is and where adequate mastery is, there is no magic way that will provide a quantum leap to the end point.  The only solution is to take the bridge, the pathway to the end point.

Don't buy the "quantum leap" or "instant insight" spiel of alot of practitioners of "growth".  It simply is not true.

Learning can be done efficiently and effectively but not magically and not without taking the steps.

And if you are getting undesired results in life, you must know that it is not about you being defective, but simply about you being a human who has not learned what it takes to produce the desired results.  You simply haven't passed through the gap to arrive at Sufficient Knowing.  You are not bad or inferior, you are just short of learning, period.  And you get to choose whether it is worth it to you to close the gap and to get the better results.


The solution to good learning and to a good life is to "take the path", follow each of the steps, and you'll get there, to happiness and life effectiveness.  (Just assume your mythical inner superman is engulfed in kryptonite.) 

Although there are some programs to be added, I have added a number of programs that are designed to have you learn sufficiently and to implement to get the results.  They are listed in Learning/Implementation Programs And Plans.