You are about to engage in the process of gaining perspective on where you are in your life relative to where you could be and want to be.  Most people are relatively unconscious about this, feeling a vague underlying current of something not quite being right.  Most people busy themselves with things that distract and do not enhance them and they settle for remarkably little compared to what they could have. 

Where are you and where do you really want to be?  Are you willing to follow the path that will take you there?

(Here, we are not talking about some mystical path but one with concrete, doable, non-mysterious ways of getting to where we want to be and getting to who we want to be in life.  Anybody with at least normal intelligence can achieve this, using what has already been discovered to be effective.)

FEAR & WORRY MANAGED.  Although this ties in with constructive beliefs being fully installed, this is measured by the degree to which you have only fleeting signals but none that stay as an internal conversation.  You feel very, very secure in this world and you are not at the “effect”  of anyone.

(Being “at the effect” of someone or something means that you are dependent upon them acting upon you or approving of you, etc., rather than your being able to manage your mind such that you are objective and able to think of ways to be “at cause” and create your own desired “effects” in life.)

SELF CRITICISM MANAGED.  You have learned full acceptance and you do not buy into any self criticism. You have learned what it takes to be, and now are in fact, compassionate and loving to yourself (and it flows out to others). Once this area is handled, you are no longer subject to others’ criticisms or judgments of you nor shame or guilt.

CONSTRUCTIVE BELIEFS AND THINKING FULLY INSTALLED.  You have examined any “unexamined” beliefs you’ve acquired and have “re-formed” those beliefs to those which are true and work in life.  You have no major unworkable beliefs.

MIND MANAGED FULLY – Although this area includes the management of fear and worry and self criticism, this rating would be based on the ability to relax the mind and to prohibit toxic thoughts from residing.  You also know how to do “right thinking” and you engage in this.  You have no addictive dependencies. 

MANAGED LIFE, IDEAL, GOALS SET.  Here you will have written out all your ideal scenarios without restriction (perhaps not yet knowing how you could achieve them), and will have written out your goals, with the actions necessary to achieve them, and have a management program in place to assure follow-up and a good use of resources. You know your values, your “purpose”, strengths and weaknesses, and have devised a way to use resources effectively and have incredible support, knowing and operating on the key principles of life management.  You know and have aligned your aptitudes, abilities, and what “lights your fire” with what you do.

ABILITY TO MANIFEST IN THE WORLD.  This, of course, is affected by the other factors discussed and to some degree it is a reflection of those areas, but you would rate this area by the degree to which you have what you want in life financially, in your personal environment, and emotionally, plus having the most supporting, positive people around and with you.  You are fulfilled and satisfied (which is, to some degree, an “internally” caused thing).

RELATIONSHIPS.  You are capable of flowing love outward, with little dependence on another to give you “enough” love.  You have learned the key relationship skills and can easily confront and handle conflicts and matters that come up in close relationships.

PHYSICAL MANAGEMENT AND RESULTS.  You are fully knowledgeable in what needs to be done, have an excellent doctor and medical care, fully utilize healthy practices, and are in as good health as is possible, given your genes.  Of course, you have no physical addictions.  Your stamina and energy are excellent and you take adequate restorative time. 

HAPPINESS.  You know what the causes of enduring happiness are and practice the principles fully.  You feel happy almost all the time.


Rate yourself in each of these now and then compare your progress over time.  Life Managements Rating Test.