"To be happy in life, one needs a sound philosophy, sound psychology, and sound life management.  The foundation that is required for anyone to achieve that and attain true happiness is to know how life works, how things work, how our bodies and minds work AND how to work them - and then, and only then, can we 'manage' them effectively to 'achieve' all that we truly want in life."

                                                                     The BuddhaKahuna

                                Know how a machine works
              ?       →                      +                         →   Result
                                Know how to work it

Read the overview pieces first (or you'll get lost in the trees!) and then you can choose to go deeper (make notes as you go about what to link to and then use search engine if you forgot where the link is on a page)

We are somehow lucky enough to be born, winners of the universal lottery, with the most precious gift of all and an incredible body and mind with which to harvest it.

Appreciating and being ever so grateful for the gift is the first essential.

And then we need to learn how all the pieces work so that we can create something
what we want, whether it is simply good or magnificent (but it is all magnificent, so this must be magnificent-magnificient, beyond what is more than enough!). 

If we don't learn how it all works, we get more "unproductives" and we get more sufferings.  (But hopefully we learn that the two are not necessarily related, though if one is unknowledgeable one creates the illusion that they are.)

And, if we don't learn how it all works or even if we delay the learning, we miss so much of the potential in life.  And, if we are wise, we know that missing the great potential does not need to be interpreted into meaning something tragic, as it is all good.   However, more of the good is always good - a real bonus, not needed, but 'oh, the heck, I might as well create it!'.   

The purpose of this site is to have you learn how life works so that you can create true happiness (and you don't even need to 'deserve' it, for 'deserving' is a false concept anyway).   

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Obviously, there is no quick fix or hit and run shortcut, so this will require time and effort but every second spent learning is guaranteed to create at least 10 times the benefit and potentially multiply the good of life 100's of times, eliminating the crappola to smooth the way.