As part of living a full life, one cannot fire off their energy in all directions or they will get nowhere, yet be tremendously busy.  But I want to focus on what matters, to Live The 80/20 Way.  So I will pare away all that doesn't fit that life, just as Michelangelo chiseled away everything that wasn't David.


Concern:  A matter of importance or interest to one; that which relates to or affects one; interst in or regard fr  a person or thing. 

I can busy myself with any number of issues and call them concerns and/or I could busy myself with something of interest that has entertainment or self-fulfillment potential.  

But for something to be "of interest" at a core level, it must have importance and impact on me - and I must be able to impact it, or there is no benefit.  (Duh!)  See (offsite) picture and brief discussion:  Circle Of Concern And Circle Of Influence


I have been pulling things recently into my circle of concern (= what I am dealing with and thinking about on a regular basis), that are of no legitimate concern or importance.  They just take up my focus units that I could devote to more important items. 

The politics was partially about "being right", in the sense that it would be easy to be concerned about the chicanery and lying that occurs.  Part of it was about "can't they see that" and "how can I get people to see that, to come to their senses"; so I even wrote a website, at times driven by setting things right and protecting this nation and my values from the "wrong side."

But, in truth, I could not, despite my fantasy, get enough attention from others to make any difference at all.  In other words, I would have zero impact - which I would suggest is not a good use of my time!!!!

And then I gave it some concern as I didn't want the nation to be affected negatively - and there I was wasting my "concern" energy.  No matter which way the nation went, I could be just bemused, as there would be no affect on my ability to have enough income and not enough effect on my assets to impact me personally.  It would not affect my freedom and my lifestyle nor my services.  So the effect on me would be in fact negligible and not enough to concern me at my base.  The worst that could happen is that I'd have less to leave to good causes - and zero affect on my life in actuality, in the physical world. 

Even if it did affect me, there would be no way I could affect it, so the "concern" would be wasted, even if legitimate.  

I herely give up any concern for how the elections turn out and who does right by the nation.  I am not affected.  It is not a matter for concern for me.  I now boot it out of my circle of concern, back into the outer circle, down into the lower rings of importance.  


If having a person in my life brings toxic material such that I am having concern about the effects , I am wasting my "concern" energy that could be used for something else, where I can bring about something of importance and meaning to me. 

If I am watching the news, I am wasting my energy on something of no concern, and perhaps bringing some of that into my circle of concern.  Therefore, no news.  (No news is good news.)

I even played, on the computer, Spider for hours and hours, wasting my energy for a little "flow", but for no benefit.  That is to be stopped.  But I do know that such things are done for a very real human reason, so I need to have a substitute that will give whatever benefit to me that was derived from that mindlessness. 


I will list and find out what I am holding within my circle of concern that has no real payoff.  I will clear those out and eliminate them.

I choose not to waste my life and my energy on this!

I am determined to Live The 80/20 Life.

Signed _________________________________   ___/___/___

Follow the discipline, for sure, of using this key method of differentiating between The Concentric Rings Of Importance.

Cutting Out What Makes No Sense - My Pursuit Of Political And Government Excellence - The latter seems to be an oxymoron, and investing in something with no return seems to be a bit moronic!  So, I gave it up!

Picture and brief discussion:  Circle Of Concern And Circle Of Influence

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