Obviously, you must buy a ticket to get into the show and pay the price for something you buy.  And you do it willingly, since you are assessing that it is worth it.

So the life principle of "you must pay the price" is not an ominous warning (although it sounds like one!), but just an expression of reality.  Of course, sometimes you'll be gypped, as something might not have been worth it, but overall you get enough extra benefits and value to accumute lots of extra value, so that the "give back" or loss due to getting inadequate value means just a little less accumulated value - but certainly not a "loss" (just a give back of some of the gains you have in life).   This is similar in concept to the essential understanding one must have in life about What I Have, For Sure, Versus "Losses"

Somewhere in childhood, I decided on the rather juvenile concept that "it is awful to sacrifice" and "I can't stand it" (my world will fall apart if x occurs). 

But I failed to notice "the other side of the equation"!   (I give up something to get something! What an awesome realization...)

Sacrifice, other than "to the gods", is defined as "Forfeiture of something highly valued for the sake of one considered to have a greater value or claim."   It's more of a "let's make a deal" that benefits me than presumed loss, flushed down the toilet, lost forever. 

It's just a purchase, not an agony from some kind of self punishment!!!!   Or it is a paying the cost of avoiding a "for sure occuring" something of greater cost, for a net gain from the loss that would be otherwise experienced.  (I will get up and go to work.  It is my choice since I don't want to lose my job and suffer the consequences.  A little bit of effort but a much bigger payoff - or I'd choose to stay in bed!)

In terms of units of value, follow the following:  Life has, by chance

Alot of payoffs:  10,000,000 units
Alot of costs:       1,000,000 units (don't exaggerate this!)
  Net units:         9,000,000 units

However, I can buy more units if I choose things that are of greater value than the cost to me:

Purchased extra value:              20,000,000 units
Losses due to bad purchases:       1,000,000 units
   Net units gained                    19,000,000 units

Total net units:  28,000,000, most of which I added by good purchase choices. 

This is what you can do in life.  You pay the cost in units but you buy something of greater value - and you're a smart purchaser because you have determined with good research and thinking what things are worth.  So you can make good profits (extra accumulate value units).


But we make it into this great weeping and gnashing of teeth, a suffering of great sacrifice.


It's only a "purchase", and I make it willingly, as best I can. 

That's it.

This is one of my ruling operating truisms in my life
"I do each thing willingly in my life.   have chosen it and overall I have decided these are net gains for my, well worth what I invest in them."

'This permits me to not have to decide what to do each time a situation comes up, because I will have already made the decision (the choice) that the value is worth the effort and/or time and dollars.  As a result, I have no resistance to doing my highly beneficial stretching and toning sessions in the morning."  Before this, my sessions almost always didn't happen. 


I've put this on a separate page, as an example I will probably link into from some other pieces.   Basically, this is a process of redeciding what the costs are, seeing if they can be reduced, what the benefits are, seeing if they can be enhanced or made clearer, and then being specific on how to implement them.  And then weighing the benefits in total versus the costs in total and seeing which one wins, as in The Ben Franklin T form. 

You must know this process, unless you've already reached full perfection:  When I Fail On A Commitment, I Must Reconnoiter.  

You Must Pay The Price To Get What You Want - Almost Everything Has A Price - Duh! But often we are unhappy if we don't have it given to us, as if we were children...

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