Cut out 80% of the effort and get better results much more often!

Don't major in minors.  In life.  Or in addressing problems for correction. 
As in the 80/20 Principle, there are a handful of behaviors that lead to success. 
Limit your scope to those few vital behaviors. - and you'll get results so much faster.  Insist on concentraing on the "high leverage" actions.

And don't use this power first on low payoff results.  Concentrate only on where the biggest results can be achieved and then only on the few vital behaviors that make the difference.  And the results will be amazing, especially compared to your progress before you adhered to this vital practice.  

You can use your own discovery system, though the discoveries of the experts are what is first recommended.  Simply note who gets good results and then find out what the few vital behaviors are that lead to those.  (In many cases, you'll be surprised at the fact that you 'kinda already knew' about them, but had just never realized how vital they were.)

Part of the discover process is to find "outliers", those who provide results that are different from most others.  But look for those unique behaviors of the "negative deviants" (those that cause the bad results) and for those unique effective behaviors of the "positive deviants" - and concentrate on the major vital causes. 

And, since we all "goof", it is important that you find what the successful people do to  recover.  What is their recovery sequence (plan) of behaviors?   Find the cause and quickly correct it, as is vital in all success strategies.

Once you find them, you get to choose to do them or not.  And if there is some resistance to it, then you've got to look and see what the few vitals (behaviors and/or beliefs) that create the resistance and what can eliminate it.

Dr. Silbert of Delancey Street (which has changed 14,000 criminals to law abiding citizens), says she focuses on "changing behaviors and not on preaching homilies."  "You can't succeed by trying to change 20 things at the same time!"

And don't stop before you've completely installed and tested the new behaviors - persist until the results are attained.  Incompleteness only results in living the same problem over and over:  "What you do not complete, you are doomed to repeat."

And, yes, it does take some extra effort to persist through to completion.  But the irony is that what seems like extra effort actually results in a huge net saving of effort in total - but the price for this wonderful purchase to be enjoyed for your life always must be paid upfront. 

First focus on those relevant vital behaviors for yourself - and create an incredibly powerful foundation for your life. 

What are the vital behaviors

Relationships (Markham) - How a discussion involving agreement is engaged in.  Observable with a high degree of predictability of future results from only 15 minutes of observation.  A significant amount of blamig, resenting, escalation, invalidation, or withdrawal (see Four Horsemen Of the Apocalypse in relationship) = bad prognosis.  Using statements that show respect and a shared purpose, and respectful time outs when needed = good prognosis.

Reforming hardened criminals:  Change the two behaviors of "Care only for yourself, and don't rat on anyone."   She installs new behaviors, insisting that each person take responsibility for someone else's success and that everyone confront everyone else about every single violation!   See Delancey Street Foundation plus look at some more materials by googling it.

Teaching - The use of frequent praise and not using punishment.  Quick feedback on errors, along with quick corrections and learning to fill the gap. 

Type One diabetes - Test your blood sugar four times a day and adjust your insulin to keep blood sugar in control.


Lose weight:  Nine inch plates, don't have anything in the house that is bad to eat.  Partnering.  Monitoring/measuring daily.

Customer satisfaction - Smile, eye contact, introduce yourself, let people know what you are doing and why (honestly), and "complete" every transaction with "is there anything else you need"?

Teams - Confront any non-useful behaviors.  Take responsibility for the team, do best can to reward for team accomplishment.  Have each team member be responsible for the others'  performing.  Go upward if need results that can't be achieved otherwise (don't stop short of success). 

Phobias, snakes - Observe others handling the snakes, including others who have the same phobia.  Do a series of getting closer and then actually handling the snakes.  Cured forever, took 3 hours.  See Albert Bandura, Self-Efficacyor short piece:  Theories Of Human Development.   Google snake phobia videos.

Saving lives in hospitals - Don Berwick, Institute For Healthcare Improvement:  The many hospital caused deaths are not because of bad people but bad systems.  He told poignant stories, but had practitioners actually check out a few cases themselves so they would be touched and motivated.

Eradicating the Guinea worm -