This is it!  Just glance at these and then follow the discussion and the paths to solving all the chronic problems (after this the "situations" to solve will be minor and no big deal, as the overall power and good feelings will be present virtually all the time.

It's nothing you don't know, but our intent here is to focus on what matters and then make it work in order to get what we want in life:  happiness and satisfaction (not perfection).


       THE PROBLEM                                                  THE EFFECTS

Negative, dysfunctional beliefs                   Stress, health effects
                                                                Negative feelings (valence) and quality of life

Doing what doesn't work & habits             Circumstantial problems, going in circles, time taken

Not "enough" time                                     Harried, pressured, etc., not get to what want most


     THE PROBLEM                                  THE TOP SOLUTIONS TO DO
                                                                          BEFORE ANY OTHERS

Negative, dysfunctional beliefs                 Change incorrect beliefs and philosophy
                                                                    (Learn, solve lack of knowledge and wisdom)
                                                              Exercise, relax, meditate, thought disciplines
                                                              Look at what is "good"

Doing what doesn't work & habits           Decide habits, build, implement "system"
                                                                    (Learn, solve lack of knowledge and wisdom) 

Not "enough" time                                    Set aside time for "self", pace self so no stress
                                                              Prioritize, insert only most important
                                                              Learn mechanics: to do mgmt, planning, scheduling

To make all this work, you MUST (as in "no other reasonable choice") do these two items.

         THE KEY INSERTION                                   THE KEY ACTION
   Create a new future that you want                                      Plan it

                                                  YOUR JOB IS...

                             Follow the paths. (I've set up some paths for you.)
                             Do "the work"(invest the effort to harvest, close "the gap")

                                            YOUR REWARD

                                            Aliveness, vitality
                                      Satisfaction, contentment 


The above schematic is a diagram of "the obvious".  Nonetheless few people follow it.  Much of the planning has been done for you, so you just need to insert the paths I've set up (or modify them) into your plans and then schedule time for them. 

Early life is a process of building sufficient operational capability to live a functional, happy life.  We simply stop before we have built a fully functional system.  Period.

The signs are obvious:  any time you feel stressed or feel bad.  That's from mismanagment of time and of "programs".   Bad results always come from bad causes.  See a bad result, then you'll know there is a bad cause.  (Duh!)

Any of these are signs, no matter how great you think you are doing:  Overweight (BMI of 25+), blood pressure high, tired or low energy, "no time"... 

My objective is to help you follow a path that works AND to complete what is more than sufficient to live a great life.


The answer to when have you learned enough for Level I?  When you no longer feel stressed (not highly anyway) and when you feel good most of the time.  Before that, you haven't even reached Level I and you should not be issued a Life Driving License.  You're too dangerous for yourself and others.  Learn quickly and deeply, until signed off on all of the basic achievements of Level I. 

All driving licenses (called "certifications" here) are, unfortunately to some, based on a test and at least a certain minimum of course work.  We can certify that you did the course work, which is, of course, key.  But ultimately we need to certify that you are seaworthy for all storms and for regular cruising.


Actually how can there not be time to "learn life"?  It is the top priority.

There is more than enough time to learn life very well, at a deep enough level to be highly functional and happy. 

Your spare time per year is between 1000 hours  and 1650 or more.  If you don't meet the minimum, then we've got to have the 80/20 Living discussion because things are not quite right in your work world if you are spending too much time and believe time spent is equivalent to productivity and results.   See Not Enough Time - Really?.


When you can check these all of at an "A" level, you will have completed the overall objective.  When you can check these all off at a "B" level or higher, then you have reached the critical point of harvesting life at a good and appropriate level.  A is "fully functioning at the desired levels to live a full, happy life."   B is "doing a 'good' job at managing life and usually feeling good about self, life, and the world."

The Indicators

___ Feel happy overall, well satisfied with life
___ Living life as you want to
___ Create by intent, not run by feelings
___ Mind is well-managed
___ Fearless (you know you can handle life and undesired outcomes to produce
      happiness;  we are not talking about eliminating the mechanical functioning of
      the body's and primitive mind's alert system - just getting rid of the fear illusion
      connected to it)
___ Confident, esteem self highly, appreciate self
___ Do not need approval from others (it's just a "nice bonus")
___ Not at all critical of self or of others and the world; accept people
___ No blame, no gossip, no resentment
___ Have created a future that is inviting and/or compelling (what I really want)
___ Have created habits that work in life, eliminated all truly harmful habits
___ Physically in excellent shape (as far as what you can do about it) with very
     good energy
___ Loving oneself:  Great "self-care", activities, soothing and encouraging self. 

The Means (Grade the degree to which these are functioning and implemented.)

___ Strong positive philosophy of life, fully corrected belief system
___ Time management: prioritization, scheduling, planning: don't feel rushed or  
      stressed AND feel "full" and satisfied 
___ Basic skills handled to function in the outside world, having help where needed
      ___ Career (job matched to strengths, aptitudes, interests
      ___ Financial
      ___ Relationship, basic skills 
___ Basic skills for managing life
     ___ Authentic learning
     ___ Rational, logical thinking based on adequate information
           ___  Problem solving capability (and decision-making)
     ___ Resource utilization, use others to cut learning curve, delegate to get results,
           partnering, etc.


Now it is time to make a decision where you cut off having anything less than full aliveness and happiness in life.  The decision to stop doing what doesn't work is a vital decision.  We need to be fully committed.  Otherwise, the brain of the uninformed comes in and diverts one into "comfort" and away from progress (the irony being that as one progresses in knowledge and wisdom one has vastly less discomfort and much greater comfort and satisfaction!!!!).

Yes, it does take work.  500 or so hours for learning the basics, 1,000 + hours for getting to where you are spending your life so well that you are very happy, effective, and satisfied - so you can live 116,800 hours of life well (20 years) or 175,200 hours (30 years) (double those for 40 years and 60 years results).   (I left out sleep time, but sleep is also a time for happiness, with right thinking.  It can be enjoyable, with great dreams and made up internal movies - and without the worries or stress of life interfering!)


Copy and paste this into a word document and give the results to your coach.  (If you're not sufficiently committed to do this, then you stand no chance of creating a great life in a relatively short period.)

___ I think I'll just be a dilettante about this.
___ I'll just do a "20%" or so effort and things will somehow work out.
___ I'll commit to following a program for (note that you can choose a lower
     number and then commit to more afterward, but a full commitment now
     indicates you are "owning" the creation process for a great life)
      ___ 50 hours
      ___ 100 hours
      ___ 200 hours
      ___        hours
      ___ 500 hours
      ___        hours
      ___ 1000+ hours
      ___ whatever it takes to reach
             ___ B level
             ___ A level
___ Accordingly, I will commit this number of hours per week, plus some additional
     immersion, focus, "do-only-this for a period of time", where a day to several are
     largely devoted to just this
     ___ 1 hour (forget it, you're not really committed to making real progress
     ___ 5 hours
     ___ 10 hours
     ___ 15 hours
     ___      hours

Signed and committed to this ____ day of _______________, ______

By: _________________________________________