It's easy to start.

Choose which approach you will take:

The basic core notebooks:  For people earnestly beginning the life improvement process, it would be good to buy and start using The One Master Notebook  and set up 1) The Reminders Notebook, 2) The LifePlan Notebook, and 3) The Philosophy Of Life Notebook.  You'll be writing up these pages over time, but not necessarily just the materials for any one notebook at a time. 

The overall lifebook system notebooks:  We'll set up the structure, as listed below, for the whole system, so it is available for use whenever you want.  As you use each one, then you'll begin to refine the organization and fill in the pieces as needed.

BUY YOUR MASTER NOTEBOOK (See The One Master Notebook.)

  This is to capture every note, idea, reflection, etc., when you cannot otherwise put it into a
       specific place
   Usually this is just a wirebound notebook.

BUY THE NOTEBOOKS (3 ring) (See the links box major categories and specific notebooks.)

  Get very nice, functional, good looking notebooks, with a window for labeling the notebook
     (2" notebooks measure 3" with a ruler)
  Buy dividers that you can write on (buy 100 to start)
  Buy 50 plastic sleeves (with three holes, hold 8 1/2" x 11" inch sheets, pictures)
  Buy one for each of the essential notebooks (4 of the 2"; 2 of  the 1 1/2")
        Current Operations Notebook (1 1/2")
        Current Year Plan (1 1/2")
        LifePlan (2")
        Reminders (Grounding) Notebook ( 2")
        About Me Notebook (2")
        Personal Progress Notebook (2")
   Choose whether to buy these optional LifeBooks, though I recommend that you do 
        The visuals notebook (2" - large, as you'll be amazed at how things accumulate)
        The Memories Notebook (2" also)
        These are to be set up and completed as "recreation" with no hurry, just for fun


Simply go to each notebook and use whatever list or table of contents is provided.  Of course, as you go you probably will modify it to your own preferences.


Place the essential notebooks together for easy access

That's it for now.   Just use them when you want to work on something or put something in there for reference, making a labeled divider when needed.
Find And See Contents For Each Notebook:

For easy access to the key notebooks, use the navigation bar below or use the links from  The Lifebook System page.