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The Financial Incentive Trust

It is a good idea to maximize these for greater effect - and it is an art to creating and utilizing them.

Family Financial Incentive Trust - Why bother? What's the concept?

Financial Incentive Trust Summary - One page summary of the problems it is trying to avoid and the values and accomplishments it is incentivizing.
Financial Incentive Trust And The Necessity To Plug The Leaks - If you don't plug the leaks, then the incentives won't work.  Avoid the enabling behavior. 

Sudden Wealth - What happens to people when they receive unearned wealth - a main reason for trusts! 
What To Do To Have The Financial Incentive Trust Be More Effective - Just like any incentive
program, whether personal or in business, they may fail if there is not enough of a reaction on the other side.  But the reaction not only depends on the person but how clearly the reasons and incentives are presented - and then reinforced by the trustee and other interested parties.  It is a complicated but immensely worthwhile process to engage in.