Don Miguel Ruiz writes in a style that is memorable and highly illuminating.  Although this is part of the Toltec Wisdom, if you take out some of the unique languaging, it is plain common sense - which is quite uncommon. 


I strongly recommend that you read:

The Four Agreements
The Four Agreements Companion Book.


I find these also to be interesting and useful overviews:

Ellen DeGeneres interviews Don Miguel Ruiz.  And there are a few related links of interest.  Very good interview.


"You only have to be who you really are.  Our natural state is to love and be happy.  It is easy to be happy.  It is easy to enjoy life.  It  is easy to make fun of everything.  It is easy to always live in a romance with life.  You don't have to follow any tradition, you don't have to follow any dogma.  It is not about acquiring more knowledge or mental concepts; it is about being alive.  the mission each one of you have is to be happy and that is all.  With awareness and action, you can break your domestication, and live your life based in love instead of fear.  With practices, you can become a dream master and transform your entire dream."

                                           P. 156, The Four Agreements Companion Book

A dream master is a master of thinking who doesn't fall for the myths and false beliefs, but who reasons out what he/she is to do in life.

Domestication refers to the programming we received in order to settle us down to be obedient and get what we want from our parents.  And, of course, most of this is based on false beliefs that we need to reexamine and replace.  If we don't replace them, we are living a life that is largely wasted and heading the wrong way!


We cannot hold onto things or people, as they change and move on.  Just a fact.  So, it makes no sense to resist it or feel bad about it.  It only makes sense to look forward to the next wonderful thing in life.

"Imagine that you can enjoy every person, every material possession, every event in your life as a magical experience that continues to unfold."

                                         P. 138, The Four Agreements Companion Book

Why not do as he suggests, as we are just plain unbelievably lucky to have been given life at all, so that we could have these experiences - they are all miracles that we get to witness and experience.