Although I am made of flesh and blood, my true "I" is invincible.  (Who I Am)

I am truly invincible.

I am deeper than even the oceans, for I have miles and miles of circuits and incredible functions.

Yes, I am temporal - my body and this "I" only exists for a period of time, but during that time I am invincible from outside forces.  I am the sole creator.  I am the sole acceptor.  I can create any thoughts that I want.  I can comfort and strengthen my body as needed, up to a point, of course.

I need not have others' approval.

I am invincible to their disapproval, for I need it not.   I can create all the self love and nurturing and what is needed by me, regardless of whether or not most people approve of me or not.  (I have "uncreated" the fiction of being dependent on "powerful people" out there; I am no longer that small person, as I am now totally powerful enough to take total care and responsibility for myself.)

I can create all I need to eat and be sheltered sufficiently.  No artificial concept or cultural judgment can rule me.  

I am invincible. The world is full of abundance, automatically supplied by the system.  I can figure out what is needed and what will work to assure me of enough to eat and to be sheltered sufficiently.

I have the power to meditate deeply and to visualize and to create within my head, such that no invasion is possible, for I have all the power within my head and my very being.

No one can scare me, other than the proper reaction to actual physical danger - all else I am impervious to.

I am the master of my mind and thus the master of my soul and my very being.

My "I" exists, until it doesn't have the physical support for it.  And I will live an invincible life until then, surviving all that is thrown at me and thriving in all that I create.