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Geez, the last thing I thought I'd ever write about was teeth care.  But I was so naive - and it cost me.  But it's not too late, so I'm posting this as a reminder for myself - and hopefully others.

Bacteria and tooth decay is one of the most common of all disorders, second only to the common cold, so it could make sense to learn how to manage it! (Duh!)

The One Page Overview of what all to do - Post it!
        extra years
        dollars saved
        look better
Most efficient methods
The tooth decay process
     After eating!!!!
     Gum - Positive use to lower plaque
Flossing (Benefit:    extra years
Decaying chemicals
Tongue bacteria (Benefit:    extra years
Gum care
    Periodontal Disease Prevention:  Ora Media

    Teeth Cleaning 
          Teeth - Why Floss - By Ann Kerchener, Dental Hygienist.  I never knew The difference between tartar                  And plaque, plus I had never gotten the point of the need for flossing.
    Teeth Whitening - Makes a big difference.  Do it the efficient, effective way and avoid unnecessary costs.
The tools
    The brush
    The between-teeth devices
     The mouthwash difference
     The toothpaste
     Decay prevention - Dental sealants (thin plastic-like coating that is applied to the chewing surfaces of
          molars.  This coating prevents plaque from building up in the deep pits of teeth).


Best, most complete:

DentalDean.Com - Looks like the most complete and what we always needed!!!
WikiHowTeethCare - Great coverage, see all the links to the detail and follow the program!!!!!

Videos and helpful animations, plus info: - Helpful animations, to fit with the way a lot of people prefer to learn.


OraMedia - Some good tips and answers that are very specific.
WebMDonTeethCare - Good on how to brush, floss, eat right, and visit the dentist. - Good overall on teeth care, including for adults!

Products that could be helpful: - Targeted products that could be helpful.


E-bookToPreventDecay - Reading this book will save far more than the costs!