"But without these, what do I have to look forward to in life?"

Egad!  Don't you have anything of real substance and benefit in your life.

It's good to relax with alcohol.  People who drink one glass of wine a day live longer.  And so it is that we reenforce the belief that alcohol is not bad for us and maybe even that it is good for us.  After all, it also numbs your ability to control yourself and be alert, so that in the fog of it all you are more relaxed and more fun socially.

The problem is that many of the comparisons that justify the stimulating and the numbing are made to the average dysfunctionally behaving "adult".  Do you need a "drink" when you are a person who is not stressed out, who manages his emotions and stress well?  I think not.

This is not a moral issue, unless it causes people to harm someone else, but it is an "ethical" issue, in that doing this wrongly could "not work" for your benefit - and, almost certainly for most people, will cause you harm.

Coffee - Hypertension, anxiety, acid, blood sugar malfunctions, pressure in eyes cause deterioration.
Alcohol - Numbing of higher brain, glucose imbalance, loss of brain cells
Smoking - Lung cancer, reduced oxygen utilization (reduces any feeling good), energy is reduced, ability to experience pleasure is diminished substantially
Hot peppers - Considered to be "clever" or heroic, some people feel great from taking a huge dose (and they read about the benefits of such), and they get a big surge of chemicals trying to repair the damage from this upsetting invasion.
TV - Within a half hour do into mild depression...and you displace other activities that might benefit you.
Food - Often for "comfort" or relief from anxiety (even some serotonin), with huge side effects, besides not feeling good about oneself (which uses alot of energy, especially suppressing the concern about it); and fatty junk foods, clogging the arteries, accumulating toxins around the belly, hyping insulin resistance (called "Syndrome X" - The Effects Of Stress), and fewer years of life and less life in your years...
Sucked in by the computer - Hours wasted, go into a semi-trance, possible loss of higher brain abilities such as concentration (instead having to be stimulated by game rewards or something spectacular).

And all of them throw your body off.  In some cases, the body reacts to gain its balance with things that make one feel good.  Sometimes the imbalancer itself seems to "feel good", such as the "rush" from caffeine or the dopamine hit from smoking (before the receptors are reduced and the ability to experience pleasure diminishes). 

But in all cases where we are artificially stimulating or artificially numbing or tamping down the body, we are throwing off the high functioning homeostasis that the body seeks.   "And when it is not in homeostasis and is devoting its efforts to get back in balance, it stops doing the normal functions so it can get back to functioning well for survival.  Digestion, the immune system, other natural functions stop or diminish.  "Bad" chemicals increase to stimulate correction.  Body repair functions stop or diminish.   And the result is that our body is less able to do proper replication of our DNA, so we get cancer or other malfunctions.  Our glucose efficiency falls apart, we get fat, high blood pressure damage the blood vessels and heart...  Our sense of well-being goes down, we don't feel as good, we experience anxiety, we get caught on a treadmill of trying to correct what we just caused to go out of balance a little while ago...

But, in most people's mind (or not in their minds at all!) this is "no big deal" - they are engaged in the ultimate denial and fantasy, that somehow the body will handle all this mistreatment, as if it were a superman of sorts (or that somehow bad stuff going into the body has no effects...).  Well, guess what!  The body has its limits.  There are natural effects of doing various things to the body.

The result of ignorance, denial, and fantasy in this regard:

Less years of your life.
Less life in your years.


__ Drop all stimulants and things that numb you.
__ Start eating great healthy food, and see your taste buds return and amazingly enough enjoying food more plus enjoying feeling better!
__ Start moving! (Physically)
__ Find something valuable to do with your time so your life isn't filled up by having to give jolts to your body or oral gratification. (Actually, derive a list of what produces value for you: Values, ending up with Activities Of Most Value To Me.)

The other choice, of keeping on doing what is harmful, is not a good choice - I hope you don't choose it!

The Gradually Boiling Frog - Are you one?  Are you waiting for the wakeup call before you alter anything?