Of course, a good run or a gym workout is preferred, but often they go by the wayside because of time or convenience problems. Swim if you available!

Always get the ok from your doctor before engaging in these. 

Exercise first thing in the morning to assure it is done! (And easier to do when have energy!)
Hydrate alot!
Set phone alarm to go off every hour of the day, to remember to stretch/exercise.

Travelling has the potential (and usual effect) of having one "feel tired" - from lack of movement not strain - therefore it is essential that we exercise our way out of that letharyy!  It worked well for me on the four week South Africa and Dubai trip!

Wallet-sized reminders: (Set up your own version.)
Or put a copy of each of these into your smart cell phone under "notes".

Print page 1 only, or save in offline saver such as "Offline pages".   Put in "notes" that a copy of this page is in that location - or you'll forget!
Commentary:  On trips there is alot of walking and sometimes not alot of time for an exercise period - plus we tend to need a little more slip, so it is difficult to get up early to exercise.  Be aware that when alot of activities are done and alot of new information and experiences occur, the "willpower reserve" tends to diminish, so exercise routines tend to be dropped more often.

Seated Exercises

What can you do when you are virtually held captive in boarding lounges at the airport? Perform these exercises that all begin with the following sustainable seated posture:
Place feet flat on floor, parallel, a few inches apart.
Sit up on sit bones.
Tip pelvis to bring it vertical (neutral spine position).
Drop shoulders away from ears and lengthen back of neck.
Breathe in, and on exhalation, draw in abdominals, engaging the core.

Return to this position between each seated exercise.

Figure-Four Stretch. Place one ankle on top of opposite knee. Hinge forward at hips, keeping spine neutral. Hold for 15–30 seconds, feeling a deep stretch on outside of hip. Repeat on other side.

Seated Twist (Not for People With Disk Problems). Keeping knees and hips facing front, reach around to one side with both hands and hold onto back of chair. Breathe in. On exhalation, rotate rib cage and look over back of chair while keeping as much length in spine as possible. Hold stretch for 10–15 seconds. Return to start position and repeat, twisting to other side.

Shoulder Shrug and Roll. Inhale as you lift shoulders up toward ears. Exhale as you roll shoulders back and down, opening chest and letting shoulder blades come together. Continue sliding shoulders down the back, away from ears. Repeat 3–5 times.

Neck Stretch. With chin slightly tucked, let right ear drop toward right shoulder. Hold stretch for 3–4 breaths, letting weight of head stretch left side of neck. Gently release stretch and repeat on other side.

Rock the Baby. With right hand on left elbow and left hand on right elbow, hold folded arms out in front of chest. Draw right elbow as far as you can to the right to stretch outside of left shoulder. Draw left elbow as far as you can to the left to stretch outside of right shoulder. Repeat 2–3 times on each side.

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SIDEBAR: Standing Room Only

Waiting to clear airport security is just the first of many times travelers stand in line in the course of a trip. Make good use of any waiting time with these standing exercises.

Footwork. Stand with feet parallel, 2–3 inches apart, balancing weight equally on both feet. Come up onto balls of feet, and slowly lower heels to floor, keeping weight centered. Repeat 8–10 times.

Prancing in Place. Use same start position as in exercise above. Come up onto balls of feet. Lower one heel to floor while keeping other heel raised. Alternately press one heel up as other heel comes down to floor. Repeat 12–15 times.

Knee Lift. Keeping hips level, raise one knee until thigh is parallel to floor. Maintain neutral spine, and balance in this position 15–30 seconds. Place foot back on floor and repeat balance on other side. (You can also balance on standing leg, slowly raising and lowering knee, touching toe to floor.)

Roll-Down. Bring chin to chest and slowly roll down, one vertebra at a time until spine is flexed forward, arms hanging toward floor. Bend knees slightly and roll up, stacking vertebrae one at a time, bringing head up last. Repeat 2–3 times

Aerobic (30 minutes: minimum 20 min.)

The knees to opposite elbow exercise, standing or lying down (5-15 min.); jumping jacks (except if back probs)
See muscle tightening below.
Punches and arm rotations
Climb stairs!
Squats and lunges (forward & side)

Pushups or the plank  -  50, or 3 minutes
Tighten muscles as tight as you can for 20 seconds to as long as you can (your choice) - if you do these one right after the other and for substantial periods of time, it will be aerobic. (10 reps)

     Stomach muscles
     Upper legs (or entire leg), lower legs
     Arm biceps and lower arm
     Muscles in back
     Deltoids (behind arm pit toward back)
     Whole body is an option, but it is alot
        more work at once
Consider resistance bands - Use even during the day while traveling.
Stretch "Posture" muscles tend to tighten up in walking and/or in sitting, so periodic stretches every hour (or two at least) are mandatory.

Basic standing stretch, reach high with both arms behind you; switch reaching out as far as you can in front, gradually going down to touch toes.
Hamstring/Calves - Floor raise straight one leg pull back toward chest (also can hold knee against chest, leg bent); heel out, toe up, leg straight, lean forward to stretch back of leg.
Quad stretch - Standing, hold foot behind butt, stretch front of leg
Leg crossed over other leg above ankle, push down on knee for more stretch or lean forward.
On plane

Twist ankles so toes point different directions
Move toes as far as can to point to head
Standing stretches
Hold knee on chest
Move feet in a circular motion
Many items in other categories can be done, but if strenuous loosen up alot 1st

See seated exercises, below.

Can be downloaded onto phones and/or tablets.

eHow: How To Exercise When Traveling - 14 videos.

Stretching Exercises Traveling

Knee To Chest Stretch & Twist

Decide and write out your routine.
Take pictures of exercises not yet memorized.


Airplane Yoga: 18 Exercises For Healthy Flying
    Airplane Yoga 

Back or neck pain

Take plastic bags, insert ice.
Alternate with hot patches.
Carry nsaid.
Do standard stretching exercises. 

Snack: Apple and 8 nuts
           Detour bar

Water: Very hydrated

Sleep: Extra, bed by 9:30

Use the a.m.: Up by 6, full exercise, personal reflection, etc.

Nutrition:  High quality, if do any sweets only eat 20% (slowly...)

Breaks: Every 50 min., minimum for 5 min.