tba, in process, gathering info for myself


Keep abdominal muscle tightened during all of these, and in neutral position.

Heat and cold -
Sore muscles from a workout: heat!

Relaxation of muscles while sitting

I find myself "holding" (tensing) a leg into a place, rather than letting the legs and muscles relax.  I also need to "sit back" with support, but still "stacked" up (head on top of neck on top of spine; straight).


Pain will most likely lessen with movement - so move!


Can use a towel, lift one leg at a time, gently

Knee to chest - Towel can be used, hold for 20 seconds, alternate leg.

Double knee to chest - Hold for 20 seconds, slowly lower legs, 3 reps.  Keep abdominal muscles tight.

Comfort positions - "Unloading exercises"
As often as needed. 

Lean forward on table and take weight off feet and onto table, 20 -30 seconds, 2- 3 reps.

On back, knees up with feet flat on surface, push on upper thighs, 20-30 seconds

In chair, use arm rests to lift your butt partially off the  seat - 20-30 seconds, 2-3 x

Bending forward or bending backward (check to see which of these works), move back in opposite position of what feels bad.  Find your neutral position and keep stomach and buttock muscles tightened to stay in the neutral position.


Will alleviate the pain, generally - but realize this is relieving the symptoms, which might not solve the cause of the problem!!!!

Proper posture

Never allow neck to hold the head up except in emergencies... hold with your power muscles such as cradling it using your arm muscles. 

WebMD - Enter back pain or joints or whatever is of concern. 
The Cause Of Pain

Nerves pinched, such as with herniated discs or with an improperly arched back (over or under, will curve the spine and compress the discs on one side).
Tensed muscles, especially in knots (Trigger Pointss)
Scar tissue?

PAIN MEDICINE (Preferred: Cure the cause first!)

What is too much

What are the side effects?

Trigger Points - A knot of muscle that forms when muscles are tight.  See the other suggestions, but I find I can "pressure-point" the knots out and free the area so that the muscles aren't pulling against each other.  Massage is helpfull.

Video on Massage (benefits, 2:25) 
Massage Therapy Styles And Health Benefits (WebMD) - See especially "deep tissue massage.
Inflammation - A process in which the body's white blood cells and chemcials help protect us from infection and foreing substances such as bacteria and viruses.   When it is inappropriately triggered, such as in autoimmune disease, such as rheumatoid arthritis, it causes damage to our tissues. 

"The most common form of arthritis called osteoarthritis (also known as degenerative arthritis) is a bit of a misnomer. It is not believed that inflammation plays a major role in osteoarthritis. Other painful conditions of the joints and musculoskeletal system that are not associated with inflammation include fibromyalgia, muscular low back pain, and muscular neck pain."  WebMD

A good perspective on this:  WiseGeek.

Causes inflammation: meats, too many fats.
Reduces inflammation: Fish oil, omega 3.

All "pain" is "immediate" (to be dealt with right now!) in a sense, but this one is about something that will cause ongoing pain for awhile, unless I handle it. 
It doesn't seem likely to go away on its own.


Back muscle spasms


Take pain relieving medication (ibuprofen or other pain relievers - to relieve pain and inflammation? (damage and tradeoffs)   

Drink more water

Calcium Magnesium 

Cartilage becomes more brittle as we age and has less of a capacity to repair itself.

Reduce weight!

Arthritis - 10 Things You Should Know (
METHODS (Use physical therapist, certified specialist)

Strength training (core muscles, supporting muscles)
Ergonomics, corrected
  Not sitting too long!
Posture correction

Deal with it right away, if can, not letting the "out of balance" persist.