Items of miscellaneous interest, possibly to be added into other sections at some point.

Raise Metabolism

- Go to be earlier.
- Eat more protein
- Stand up as often as possible; do something standing up if possible:  inactivity (4 hours or more) causes a near shutdown of an enzyme that controls fat and cholesterol metabolism, so you store more fat,     rather than using it for energy, all day long.
- Drink cold water.
- Exercise, the earlier in the day the better 

Protein "meals"

Patties or pieces of chicken/turkey
Light tuna in water, with relish; possible add veggies
Fish fillets
Eggs, regular or liquid

Fillers - So I don't "feel" hungry; stabilize sugar metabolism

Oat bran

Ice Cream substitutes!

- Non-fat yogurt with blueberries
- Frozen smoothie (part banana, pear, or apple or frozen fruit, mixed with frozen veggies to where it still tastes good - blending frozen items causes a "frozen smoothie".  Mix more and then keep it in freezer for when desired - spoon it out.