Good pillow top mattress topper distributes pressure on the body, so you're more comfortable and therefore sleep better, fully supported. .

In Matttress Decision, I ended up adding the topper, since the mattress was slightly too firm.


If you watch YouTube videos, the pillow should support the arched neck with your head fully aligned with your body when lying on your back and also when lying on your side.  (Never sleep face down!)

It would seem logical to use an expert here, which I would suppose would be a chiropractor with an excellent reputation.

See relevant comments in Neck Pain.

The interim winner, but not perfect as neck is a little bent forward when on back, but it seems to work for sidesleeping, which is most of what I do:   100% fiberfill, soft and fluffy, head sinks in a bit.  Not "too supportive" like the others.  See the final winner at the end of The Pillow Wars section below.

See Pillow Ratings at end.


See the final decision:  Matttress Decision.  Also, always consider Consumer Reports.
Cousin found tempurpedic bed to get her stuck in the indentation for her body...


Adjustable beds?  My nephew bought the electrical adjustable bed so that he could elevate his head to avoid the effects of acid reflux (aka silent reflux).  I used bed raisers to raise the head (bought them at Bed, Bath, And Beyond.)


Rating criteria:

On back:  Neck is aligned with back, not too far forward.
On side:  Neck is aligned sideways

Winner, but not perfect as neck is a little bent forward when on pack, but it seems to work for sidesleeping, which is most of what I do:   100% fiberfill, soft and fluffy, head sinks in a bit.  Not "too supportive like the others.

Since MyPillow didn't work for me and Brookstone Anti-snoring pillow didn't work (I don't snore anyway, but I thought the lower middle would work for my neck when I was sleeping on my back and that the bigger sides would work for when I rolled over onto my side).

Next is a "cervical pillow", with a depression in the middle with a neck support when sleeping on my back and with higher sides for sleeping on my side.  This turned out to be a bit uncomfortable as I apparently had to "hold" my head in place to some extent to balance on either side for side sleeping.

Next is a down pillow.

                                                                            On back       On side

100% fiberfill, Global USA                                            B                 B+
Nature's Pillows polystyrene bead, contour for head,
   too small?                                                               B                 B
Charter Club down Medium Pillow                                 C+               B
Bedding Essential 100% fiberfill, too firm                       C                 B+
Allergy luxe Side Sleeper , 100% polyester                   C                 B
Tri-Core gentle support, not enough room for
   head to fall into hollowed out center,
   head tends to roll on sides, too narrow                      C+               C-
ComfortPedic - no give                                                 D                 C
Tempuredic - like a clump of clay, rolling wave shapek
  neck forward way too much on low or high side           D                 C-
MyPillow medium                                                        D                 D

Considering next

    Arc4life Cervical Linear Traction Neck Pillow (about $58, plus $11 s & h, at The Neck Pain Relief Shop).

I finally bought a Dr. Hall's "Pillo1" at full price ($199), after trying cheaper ones that looked almost identical but did not work for me.


Old post

I was sleeping with a "crick" in my neck.  But after watching the video at MyPillows.com, I could see that I had to have a thicker pillow for my shoulders when side sleeping and was using pillows that were too soft/collapsible.. (Turned out that I misestimated this, as my shoulder tends to roll forward, lowering my head enough for a lower pillow.)

Sidesleeping:  To increase pillow height:  crunch pillow on the sides to increase the height in the middle.

Backsleeping:  To decrease height: flatten the middle and pull out the sides, enough to feel support of the neck from the shoulders up to the top of the curve, with no cricks.  .

   To adjust when sleeping on your back:  bunch the pillow under your neck, assuring you are getting support
   for your: 

MyPillow.com - Two brief tutorials are good.  Google "discounts on mypillow.com" to get codes.  It didn't work for me.

I did it and slept on it for three nights - whacked my neck out really, really badly, in pain, took a couple of days and pills to recover.  Returned it. 

Sleep Checklist

Neck Pain   


Necksolutions.com - Lots of selections and lots of good information on how things work.  From their article Choosing The Right Pillow:  A majority of sleep time spent lying on the side, however, adults only spend 59-73% of their sleep in the side lying position, indicating that up to 41% of sleep is in the back position. This should be kept in mind when choosing a pillow that is specifically designed for one sleeping position. A side sleeping pillow may cause problems for those who change positions during the night into a back sleeping position.