Rough, rough notes tba

Difficult = Hard to do, involving trouble or requiring extra effort, hard to satisfy;  it is something that is hard to do, make, manage or understand (i.e. takes some effort to understand). 

When we say "it's hard", we often mean we have to go through unpleasant feelings.  Ironically, some of those feelings result from the idea that something is hard (even though someone else of equal capability may not think it is hard).  What is hard for most of us is to have to experience unpleasantness, which is ultimately a "chemical" experience resulting in some sensation to which we add a negative valence (value).

And if the chemical feels bad and it's physical, then it seems we could change it through physical means.  (Duh!)  Somehow, we make "hard" into "it's bad" (and we exacerbate it by adding thoughts like "what's wrong with me?", "I should be better", or "I must be depressed since I 'feel' bad". 

But what if we had a sort of Buddhist objective view of it, such as it is just a chemical resulting from a normal human process of thinking and since it is just chemical and there is no benefit to holding onto this, I'll just get rid of it through my little arsenal of chemical changers. 

In layman's terms, I'll go get a bunch of endorphins and good feeling stuff by exercising (or breathing) or eating. 

And if we tie this together with the importance of not allowing such negative thinking to wire itself in, we need to stop it right away and begin the thing that we need to do that will be a positive wiring right away! 

You would, therefore, go exercise right away or doing the Instant Energy From Something Good actions. 

However, it seems that "hard" is due to feeling resistant to doing something, with a "should" attached, such as I should be doing something alot more fun, this is terrible....  And if you tell your primitive brain that, since it is simplistic, it takes the threat that is implicit (I am not capable therefore I will not survive or this is a threat) and it generates the chemicals to get you into action to remedy the situation.) 

I am just fine.  This is something I just need to do.  It will probably end up with a good result, which is why I chose it.  This is just life.  It's all ok.

I'm tired and confused.  I need to rest to finish this up easilyt.  

Most of "hard" we have just not thought out.  So we become like a threatened child, with the "out there" being a powerful force overwhelming little tiny old me, powerless.....  Hard means threatening to us, so we get the right chemical, which is unpleasant, and then we are perpetuated into thinking there is this threat

Why is it so hard to study...?  Anxiety, need relief, need dopamine (I haven't had anything interesting happen lately, I need some stimulus, if I don't get it I'll be less able to survive.... (this sounds stupid, and it is, but remember this is the primitive brain incapable of complex logic...)
it's threat...what else would produce negative chemicals?  (answer that).
"Hard" is trying to do one thing but being stuck doing other things at the same time - by "doing" I mean processing of thoughts, especially concerns.  There is nothing inherently "hard" about most of the things we do.  We may not know how to do them, so we may have to think more and accept mistakes and taking extra time, but that is not hard if we accept it as just part of the process, for which we are willing to pay the price in time and energy.  Notice that we have an ongoing supply of energy and need not worry about having enough, though limited time means we should apply the energy to where it produces the most benefit - and then accept that we can only be efficient up to a certain level which is far more than "enough". 
If we're playing a sport at which we are relatively proficient, we spend alot of energy, but it doesn't "seem" hard. 

The constant conversation about "enough" is very wearing and makes life hard.

    Do I have enough?  (Will I survive with enough food and shelter?)
    Am I loved enough? (For what?  So I feel good?  Can't I feel good without this expectation?
    Am I good enough? (Will I be fired, accepted by other people.)

The belief that we should do something more fun or not deal with what is uncomfortable
a shortened window in time
do it with less pain by eliminating the sources of the pain:  losing out on reast of life, fun, etc.

and doing them at an inappropriate or unproductive time

Believing they're hard when they're not really.

When I'm thinking, I'm aware.  so i might be letting in stuff i can obscure during distractions.  But that means that I hafe stuff I should have solved, gotten rid of, so it is an opportunity to address those.  The thinking is not hard, it is the crap that we assoicate with it.  The thinking doesn't add anything negative, it just brings it to consciousness.  if we are a victim of it, then we think it is the cause, rather than the opportunity to see it.  of course, this means we need to manage our time and not try to deal with more than one thing at a time.  do our thinking to get rid of those things that are feeling painful....

If thinking about x and you throw in a, b, c, and y and x, and then the throught of "i'm screwed.  I'll never solve these" you might feel a bit depressed or uncomfortable, of course.  If you're fighting 6 enemies at once, it is pretty challenging.   But if you take on one at a time (and  you're more skillful) you can win easily.   other name than enemy.. chnge

We think we don't have the time for it and that it'll add more pressure to life, whereas actually it will reduce pressure in life and mistakes. 

friction - makes things hard to push, grease the skids...