As this will totally upgrade and transform my life to a higher level, I am making the following commitments and acknowledging my agreement with what underlies that which works in beliefs and in life.


___ I acknowledge that my beliefs determine the quality of my life.

     ___ I acknowledge that events are "neutral" and that it is I, through my belief
           filter/lens, who is creating the appearance of them being otherwise.
     ___ I acknowledge that emotion is a result of my beliefs, not circumstances
           or other people.
           ___ I acknowledge that fear is an emotion and that I create virtually all of
                 my fear through beliefs, with the few exceptions pointed out on the
     ___ I acknowledge that there is nothing wrong with me, in terms of fault, and
           that the dysfunctionality is totally a result of erroneous beliefs, which I have
           the power to change.

___ I acknowledge that it is I who am solely responsible for all my beliefs and
      no one else.

     ___ I realize that I chose to (often in a state of diminished functionality) adopt
            the beliefs of my caretakers and of other people, including what I've read.
           ___ I realize that I did much of this earlier in life and/or when I was at a less
                 than adequate state of knowledge and ability to reason and/or from a
                 viewpoint of being powerless. 
                 ___ As such, many of them are untrue and dysfunctional (not workable).
           ___ I acknowledge that I cannot blame anyone else for not knowing better or
                 being more capable, as humans are of limited knowledge.
     ___ I realize that I formulated many of my beliefs at a time or in a manner
           where I used insufficient knowledge and/or reasoning.

___ I acknowledge that my beliefs are not a part of me but are only what I choose to
      have and to use to run my life.

     ___ Accordingly there is nothing to defend.
           ___ I will not use anger or argument to defend them, for they are actually
                 just temporary, convenient opinions/rules that I only use as needed.
           ___ I listen to others and consider the validity of any input.
                 ___ I respect their beliefs as "what they know so far".
                       ___ I also do not attempt to inappropriately control (change) their
                             beliefs, as I realize this is foolish.
     ___ Accordingly, they are not a part of me to 'feel bad' about

___ I acknowledge that many of my beliefs are untrue and/or dysfunctional.
     ___ As such, if I am to raise the quality of my life, I must correct and upgrade
            my beliefs to what is true and to what works in life.
     ___ As such, I see that  it is not wise to allow any untrue harmful belief to
           persist and run my life.
     ___ I see that it is unwise to tolerate untrue, harmful beliefs and that I should
           deal with them quickly and completely if I want to live a better life.
           ___ The most significant indicator of a belief being untrue is "bad feelings",
                  for they are virtually never appropriate in life. 

My commitments

___ I will run my life with excellent beliefs. 

     ___ As part of that, I will rapidly get to the point where I do not use "sneak
            arounds" (see below). 
           ___ I will not use substances (pills, food, alcohol, etc.) nor avoidance
                 behaviors (anger, withdrawal, manipulation, etc.) to mask the        
                 symptoms, as I can control the symptoms by elimnating the cause itself.
     ___ To create that, I will
            ___ Learn what I need to in order to be masterful at creating and
                   managing my beliefs.
            ___ Notice "bad effects" and correct the beliefs behind them as soon as
                   possible, whether they be emotional results or results "out there" that
                   I could have produced differently.
            ___ Install the true beliefs to the point that they are workable and automatic,
                  for anything less is cheating myself out of the top quality life I am
                  capable of living.
___ I will only relate a "story" for a progressive purpose, but once it is used for that
      purpose and everything needed from it is extracted, I will never repeat the story,
      I will completely give it up.

I commit this ____ day of _______________, ______

Signed:  _______________________________

Print out this commitment from the internet directly (highlight what you want to print and then press "print selection" under the print directions) or use copy it into a Word document.    You would keep this form in your Reminders Notebook or other designated notebook (Planning or About Me notebooks).

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