One huge logic error:  The future is determined by the past. 

Almost everyone will espouse that they know that the past does not determine the future – and then they will go about operating as if the opposite is true.

"I’ve never been able to diet – therefore…”   The “therefore” is “I won’t be able to do it in the future because my ability and knowledge are pretty fixed.” 

"I've been this way for 60 years, therefore..."

The truth is more like this: 

So far, I haven’t learned what is necessary to create what I really want in life (and to know what it is that I should create).  Therefore, it is up to me to fill in that void.   I am not at fault because of this, for it is merely that I through my life just have not had it all come together in such a way that I would have learned it sufficiently.  If others can learn it, I can also.”

L.S. Barksdale’s magnificent works on self esteem and correcting human thinking contain a key concept, which requires one to learn about in more depth rather than only looking at it on the surface or viewing it as being trite:

“Everybody does the best they can at the time given the current limits of their awareness.  Therefore, the fault is not the person, but the lack of awareness.  Accordingly, the solution is to increase one’s awareness until one operates mostly as one wishes.”  (I paraphrased a bit – see the actual Basic Daily Affirmations For Sound Self Esteem.)


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