Although this is not about alcohol or drug addiction, it is in a sense about them, as it is the same idea and has some of the same solutions.  Surely the approach is a valid one. 

It is a bit embarrassing, as, at this point in my studies, I "should be" close to perfect.  (Well, I think, perfection may not occur until another two years from now!  And that statement can be repeated over and over at any time in the future.)

However, the human system operates as the human system operates - and I simply need to look at how it operates and then decide what will get me what I want.  But, first, I need to decide what I wanted from employing that tool.
And I need to look at the costs of using that tool and see if I can't use a healthier tool that also works given the human system we have.   And all of this must be in a non-makewrong, non-punishing mode.