Just some examples of how gratitude comes gushing out.  Hopefully, the nuance and the viewpoint will be seen and adopted by more people.

May 30, 2009

Also, here's a dose from my journal this morning:

Isn't it amazing how I can zip around on the computer and just point my mouse and click - and then stuff just happens. We have advanced so far! I'm thrilled!

It seems so incredible. I just push a button and, voila!, something is published worldwide to the internet.

I loved sitting out in the sun today, listening to the birds, and reading a good, and fun, book about happiness (Happiness From The Inside Out, Robert Mack - I should recommend it to "Barbara"..

I am so grateful for the stimulating conversation with JA yesterday. C was right that we should know each other. It is so good to have a friendship that is only about being friends, with the opposite sex.

I am grateful also for Cherry Garcia. Yes, I know it isn't good for my body, but my limit of one per week is good, so all is well and all is swell....

I am grateful for and do so enjoy and relish my smoothies in the morning...and then my flavored coffee is heaven on earth. Life is so good!

May 15, 2009

I am moved to tears by the gift of even having a life!   It is so incredibly miraculous that life even happened and that I was even born.  I could've ended up being a rock or a mongoose, but I get to be a human being.

I get the most unbelievably great computer, located in such a small space.  The beauty of an also unbelievabley great body, with miles of vessels, nerves, circuits, systems, all somehow fit into the small space and working complexly, defending against bad stuff and making energy- how could this possibly have happened! 

And then I get to feel the sun!  And I have weather that works overall - how cool is that!

I am so blessed, I am so very, very moved.