Go to this everyday and pick out something to watch, morning and night, for forty days.
For possible use in your Forty Days And Forty Nights program or randomly as you wish.

Inspiring videos

   Web Inspiring Videos - Great ones! See on that site also Inspiring Resources (to read or utilize)


Caroline Myss - Living In Gratitude: A Choice (a
  bit "deep") (7:20)
Emmons: The Power Of Gratitude (8:12) (Use wording)
Thanks Alot For Gratitude Buddhist Society (53:51)
On Gratitude, Steve Paikin, TV     (37 min)
Gratitude Journaling (1:08)    
Teaching Gratitude (Children, parents) (3:32)
Power Of Gratitude (4:29)
Gratitude Break (1:49) - Think...
Gratitude Visit - Seligman ((1:50)
Find Gratitude Cues In Everyday Life  (2:00)
Meditations, affirmations

Miracles Happen Every Day 
Yes (igetrealtv)
Watch This To Feel Great Now (igetrealtv)
I Am Free (igetrealtv)
I Am Grateful (igetrealtv)
Gratitude Meditation  (9:46)
Ocean Of Gratitude (10:50)
Gratitude Meditation (7:43)
Morning Gratitude Meditation (4:56)
Offering (3:41)
Good Personal Examples

Gratitude - Ted presentation (9:58) - Beautiful 
How To Be In Outrageous Gratitude (Get some of the words from this and use them!) 
The Gratitude Challenge
Three Good Things Exercise (1:55)
Operation Gratitude (army) (2:29)
Daily Gratitude 

The Gratitude Diet - Secret (3:42)- Have a pen/paper
The Gratitude Diet - Secret (9:45) -              "
Religious - Substitute "universe" or "world" if wish

Giver Of All Gifts  (3:24)
Gratitude, Abundance, And Thanksgiving (6:43)
Beauty Of The Infinite (9:23)
Thank You

The Best Mantra - Mooji - Viewpoint...
Fun, movement, etc

Gratitude Dance (Do it)
Gratitude Exercises

Gratitude List