Repeating common beliefs and "truths"
As a child or child-adult
And now....
What does "enlightenment" mean here?
How do we get there?


"Love is the answer!" (From the outside)
"Understanding and compassion for me is what I need." (From the outside)
"Shopping is the answer!" (But a distraction is not real happiness.)
"Financial security, then I'll be happy!" (But it doesn't work...)
"I'm secure in God's taking care of me." (But it is necessary to help oneself.)

From a child's perspective, we look for

   Affirmations of us being loved, as it means we'll be taken care of and not starve.

   Power to be provided by the "big people" instead of us; we depend on them.

From a truly adult, enlightened perspective, we

    Are the source of the power; we are the generators, the creators

    It is about outflowing love, not trying to get it in order to be ok

    It is about our creating our own happiness, with no dependence on
       circumstances or other people


A child (or an adult still thinking like a child) needs temporary soothing.  Nothing wrong with that, per se, and if one needs it, one needs it - perfectly acceptable.

AND it is fleeting and not a producer of true, deep, lasting happiness over the long term.  It is more of a relieving of stress or doubt, for which we depend on others to do it for us or on circumstances or on substances (food, etc.) - all things outside of us, all for relief.  Relief from stress is only relief from stress, not to be mistaken for happiness. 

A child (or an adult thinking like a child) sees monsters and believes they are real.  Fears and thoughts are held as "real" and permanent, just a part of them.  They need to get others to act on their behalf.  They have no sense of control, especially if their parents did not let them make mistakes and try new things. 


As an enlightened adult, we know we have control over ourselves and our lives AND that we do not control outside things, per se, but influence them and adapt to circumstances when we have undesired outcomes.

As an enlightened adult (and on our way to being one), we learn as much as we can about life, so that we can manage it better. 

We learn that our thoughts are only thoughts, that they are mostly "made up", so they are not real and permanent, only firings of neuronal patterns.  

And we learn how to determine what is true and what isn't, so that we correct our thoughts (beliefs) to reflect reality. 

We learn that operating in alignment with reality (truth) works. 

We are no longer the victim of all that has been told to us and all that we came to believe or decided.  We are now the creator of that input and those beliefs that serve us. 

As a consequence (and a sign that we've completed the process), we have dissolved all the illusionary fears and we feel safe and confident that we will handle life no matter what the circumstances.  And we learn how to create our own happiness and that it does not come from other people nor from circumstances.  We don't spend time "distracting" ourselves from fears and anxieties, both because of using discipline and because we no longer buy into the false beliefs that create the fears and anxieties.     
As an enlightened person, we put our energy into what works, no longer sending it down channels that produce nothing.  We know and do what works for happiness


And now that you are enlightened, you enjoy love from another as a bonus, but not a threat of something to lose or a need.

You enjoy working with others and aligning with their power.  It is a bonus but no longer a need, as you are the one who has the ability to provide all the power that is required to live a very good, happy life.

"Enlightenment is the process and in that process one arrives at the 'seeing' of what is, truly, the 'answer'."



It simply means that we have spent the time to learn about life and to implement what we learn. 

When we do that we "lighten" our load, no longer burdened by fears and forever being at the effect of circumstances or other people.  We do not carry that baggage anymore, though we're also not perfect - and we no longer need to be.

We are simply lighter.

And the dictionary definition of enlighten

To give the light of fact and knowledge to; reveal truths to ; free from ignorance, prejudice , or superstition.  To make clear to (a person) the facts or nature of something.


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