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Per the law of displacement, I cannot have "happy" and "unhappy" in the same space at the same time.
So, to make room for the insertion of happy stuff, I must remove the unhappy stuff.  Of course, we can try to insert more happy stuff into the space and push out ther unhappy.  That works to some extent, but the unhappy stuff is still "on the mind", as a "threat to survival" (at some level), so the brain will have attention on it - that's an evolved necessity that caused us to survive!

human limit of attention

you can't pour a cornucopia into a limited size pipeline!  This is the I want more limitlessness problem.  You cannot have more than you can have even if the supply of more increases and increases and increases.  There are millions of things you could have and you could operate from the viewpoint of "look at what's missing" "I have so much that I am missing."  Sound preposterous?  That's what we are thinking!
(It's a two part problem:  Don't be stupid about trying to fit in too much and let's figure out a way that works where we can add bonuses to our lives...

I want more!  
Could you be more specific and submit a budget proposal and plan with a good why and then we'll see if we can approve it.  Gov.

is 15 minutes too long doing something productive (not a "should" really, it is an actual..)

There are two aspects to this.

Is it legitimately something to be unhappy about?
Is it really a problem?
   If so, I do something about it.

How mch is an artifical should or expectation, affect actual life?
will this matter a year from now?  Is my anxiety about getting it done justified?

If you want more, you've got to make something else more efficient.  The way you do that is that you have great procedures built into systems that make things automatic and easy.  One of those systems approaches is habits - invest some upfront into developing and practicing them and then they become automatic, effortless, easy, and effective.

burden - accumulate hunhanlde to dos (Allen) - how did we create this?

Rent other people's pipelines.  Develop skill, find resourse to find other people to do things, responsibly (like idea of Angie's List

Do I have t be more to be ok.  What is ok?

Resistance - I should be doing something else
                  I shouldn;t be doing this.  generalized idea that this is a waste of time (but what else should I be doing with the time?