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Either use as a checklist or insert a rating on a scale of 1 to 10 (10 = 95+% implemented).

___ Knows and engages in rational thinking.  False/harmful beliefs cleared up asap.

     ___ Does not engage in blame, rightwrong, judgmentalism, rationalization/excuses
     ___ Uses words precisely and appropriately 

___ Knows that emotions are caused by the filter (beliefs/evaluatingthoughts), and not     
     by events/people.

     ___ Quickly and completely corrects beliefs when he/she notices negative emotions

___ Knows the difference between made-up and reality - Doesn't believe "mental
     constructs" ("made-ups")

___ Accepts reality in a balanced manner (doesn't resist it)

___ Lives in the real world, not a made up world (vs. insane person)

___ Knows he/she has a "safe base" psychologically.

___ Knows happiness is not dependent on circumstances or what other people do.

___ Life has very good order to it

___ Takes 100% responsibility for his/her life, including all that happens in it. 
     (Fearlessness, cause in the matter of his life)

     ___ Criteria for life is "what works"

___ Independent (provides to oneself what is needed), yet uses interdependence
     appropriately and well.

___ Speaks precisely with the truth, not sloppy in language (as it confuses the mind)

___ Has worked out a strong philosophical foundation 

     ___ Knows who he is (not actually personality)

___ Equanimity as a key commitment - Returns to balance asap, not letting off balance
     continue and cause harm

___ Kind and generous - Not for others per se, but for what it triggers in oneself

     ___ Service for the benefit of others

___ Builds skills by focus, practice, and consolidating a new level - Instead of sporadic, not 
     consolidated, disappearing learning

___ Takes care of the physical affectors of psychological health

___ Operates off of reasonable expectations, like 80% right/good is ok, but does not
    rationalize deliberate violations

___ Corrects course often, noting feedback 

___ Has no substance misuse and is in the healthy range on all physical measures

Knows:   Sufficient Knowing in what works in life, not 'knowing about'
             How the brain operates.
             How basic psychology works

The One Page Psychology        Overview  Diagram

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