Brain Wave Frequencies And States

State      Frequency                   Description
            (cycles per second)

Beta 14-21 and higher  Waking state.  Alert, five senses.
                                             Perception of time and space.
                                             Focused and alert
Alpha 7-14 and higher  Light sleep, meditation, intuition.
                                             No time and space limitation.
                                             Relaxed but alert.
Theta 4-7 and higher    Deeper sleep, (awake) meditation.
Delta  0-4 and higher    Deep sleep.  Unconscious.
                                             Releases growth hormone, heals

You are more prone to function better in certain ways in certain states of mind.

The waking state is the action state, with high frequency and alertness, but with some danger of going off the deep end

Growth hormone is essential to...better memory, increase learning ability and intelligence, help protect against oxidation, increase a person's energy and feelings of vitality and a better mood (offset aging, in a sense), increases metabolism, help retain muscle mass, helps make skin more elastic and healthier, help sexual interest and performance, aids in the production of antibodies and T-cells, increases calcium retention, helps sleep better..

glutamine supplementation, l-argine, eat more protein

Workout hard or at least do some solid weight lifting, but don't eat sugar til two hours after, as an insulin spike will interfere with the release of the growth hormone


From a Silva Mind Control ad:

Mind science research has suggested that the key to most of the things we want in life, whether it’s abundance, career success, health, happiness or enlightenment, lies in a particular state of mind.

Scientists call this the Alpha and Theta brainwave frequencies.

We attain these states of mind during deep sleep. The question is… how do you achieve this state of mind during waking consciousness? And more importantly, how do you use it to overcome your limitations and challenges, triumph over your unwanted habits and negative thought patterns, and enrich certain aspects of your life?

Through his professional knowledge, Silva already knew that reducing the resistance in an electrical wire allowed more electricity to flow through it (known as Ohm’s law). Using this theory as an anchor, he then wondered…

“What would happen if you could reduce the resistance in the human brain?”

Would doing this cause it to be more efficient at absorbing information, and perhaps even grant it access to reservoirs of previously hidden creativity and intuition?

Driven by this theory, Silva began a thorough process of research and experimentation, starting with his own children. By training them to function at brain frequency levels known as Alpha and Theta—levels of deep relaxation that most people experience while meditating or in light sleep—he was able to significantly improve their grades at school, and even found evidence of enhanced intuitive functioning within them.