The “QuikLearn” process is designed to have you

Learn quickly
Gain greater perspective and tie together related concepts into a whole

It is not a “complete Mastery” process, though it does lead into that by creating a system where people can go through whole “large chunks” of a subject area that would fill many books, but in a short time, and gain a perspective and an overview that few people have.  It is the “core” of the LifeMastery learning process, surrounded by “branches” out into the more complete discussions and write-ups that are designed to create further grounding.

It’s a form of “hit and run” learning.  We hit the point just enough to get the idea and then we proceed immediately to the next key idea.  It is a “studying” process

It looks more like a slide presentation would look, with key major points and a few subpoints only.  It is designed to utilize several principles of learning, the most obvious of which is using the “80-20” rule: where the most important, vital 20% of the information can produce 80% of the learning, rather than spend the other 80% of the time in low productivity learning.

The “details” are provided by referring to other links and materials tied to each topic and which can be utilized if needed to “flesh out” an area more completely.  These will often be written in a more traditional manner, probably with stories to help complete the understanding (but not for “entertainment” with no other purpose).  However, all of these materials will be designed to get to the point and cut off the unnecessary fat.

The reader would best put aside certain pre-conceptions about what “must be” in learning/reading materials, as we had to give up something to get something – we traded off what was less important (gave up some “form” and “looking good”) for what was more important (substance, real and usable impact).   As such, if the reader would suspend any objections, wishes for other standard ways, or judgments about the work, then the reader would be able to focus on getting what the reader can out of the work.

No perfection (low pay-off in perfection, stops greater creativity and production)
No stories (except for a few examples, there are no stories; the stories are in the side material
          you can go to for the detailed learning in the cases where you feel you want to do it)
Some lack of definition (there’s a lot of room for “inference” and we are depending on the reader
          to tolerate this and have confidence that the reader is intelligent enough to do this for
Somewhat looks like “oversimplification”
Some of the “not completing the subject in that section” since the subject will be tied up more
          completely in a later section; so you need to be patient with regard to this, and you’ll be
         rewarded with quicker learning.
Having said the above, there is some repeating of certain key concepts as they are tied into a
          few new concepts.

We hope that this “QuikLearn” core will serve you well and that you’ll achieve completion and LifeMastery through the corollary materials AND your studying and practicing.  The time spent will be the most worthwhile time spent on anything in your life.

© 2004 Keith D. Garrick

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