"When I argue with 'What Is', I lose, but only 100% of the time."  Byron Katie

Sometimes people are reactive, seem dumb as rocks and hurtle all about, aimlessly, so one simply must dodge them as one would meteors which go on their path unchangingly. 

It does no good for ourselves and it is not smart of you to expect to teach them a lesson.  So the wisdom rule:  Teach no lessons, unless asked, and then don't expect much.

Let them fly about and you live your life, not theirs.


I write this out so I can be clear and no longer concern myself with how people are thinking without facts or reasoning, how politics is warped, and how we will not get as good a result as we could get, if only...

But I recognize that "if only" doesn't apply in reality.  People will be as people will be and do as they do.  We have evolved as far as we have evolved.   And we have learned as much as we have learned.

And that is all ok, all survivable.  I'll be fine.  There is nothing to worry about. 

I can simply be bemused by it all - and smile - and still appreciate all the immense number of things that are great about life. 

'Tis good!