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PART I - BOOKS (This page)

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WHICH ONES TO READ FIRST:  There are a number of good books out there, but it is important to read them in priority order.   Some are absolutely essential to a good education in life management, so they will be given a priority rating above others.  You should read the prioritized (A-B) and then the asterisked books if the area is relevant.  However, all the books are excellent.  
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PART I.  BOOKS (See Part II, for websites and services.)

FINANCIAL PLANNING (My career was in this and in investing.)

        B3  Making The Most Of Your Money, Jane Bryant Quinn - A "super-volume" to be used as a
              reference to an invaluable amount of material, comprehensive, and not sensationalized.
              Discover The Wealth Within You, A Financial Plan For Creating a Rich and Fulfilling Life,
              Ric Edelman - A broader perspective and wisdom; I love to read this guy's stuff.
              The Everything Personal Finance Book, Peter Sanders, MBA.
              The Finish Rich Workbook or The Automatic Millionaire Workbook, David Bach, Practical
              and to the point.

              Personal Finance For Dummies, Eric Tyson, MBA
            *The Total Money Makeover Workbook, Dave Ramsey - Very good!  
              Suze Orman - Look at her books to see which appeals to you.  She is especially good for
                  helping people see and adjust their personal money psychology.
              Rich Dad, Poor Dad and the related series, Robert T. Kiyosaki - flip through the books
                 and see which appeals.  Some people love the way he sets these up and makes them
                 understandable and practical.


              Frugal Living For Dummies, Deborah Taylor-Hough


              Inside The Not So Big House, Sarah Susanka and Marci Vassallo - Excellent designs for
                openness and efficiency of space use.

      Basic Investing 

            The Smartest Investment Book You'll Ever Read - the Simple, Stress-Free Way To
                  Reach Your Investment Goals - Daniel R. Solin - Don't get sucked into foolish fantasy
                  and wasted efforts!!!! Invest your time into higher payoff areas of your life!
            See the Quinn book

      For More In Depth (We have left this mostly open to the many, many good books and sites
         you can use; except we have noted some particular ones that we believe create a greater
          understanding level in general.    

             The Next Great Bubble Boom - How To Profit From The Greatest Boom in History 2005-
             2009, Harry S. Dent, Jr. - About demographics (Baby Boom, etc.) and a few other factors
             that strongly push one way or the other; he was right in the past, with good analysis.  (But
             you shouldn't really plan to time the market.)

          Psychology of - No investor committed to being highly (or even medium) sophisticated can  
             afford to not know the psychology of the market - and the psychology of him/herself.

             Your Money and Your Brain: How The New Science Of Neuroeconomics Can Help Make
               You Rich, Jason Zweig - Zweig, highly respected in the investment arena, covers this vital
               subject thoroughly, so one can know what the psychology of other investors are in order
               to see where those investors are not behaving rationally, and to take advantage of that
               error.  At least as importantly, one can see how he/she might be reacting
               psychologically instead of rationally - costing the investor huge amounts of money.  For
               instance, the attraction of great riches with intermittent successes to keep one's appetite
               whetted despite an overall pattern of losing can keep an investor in a losing game,
               becoming the Pavlov's dogs of investing.

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