Complete immersion and focus to completion are two of the greatest ways to learn now, instead of piecemealing it and never completing to the depth that will make you happy and powerful in life.

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The Therapy That Changed My Life; The Finest and Most Complete…

Joan Borysenko, famous author of growth books

Some of the most visionary leaders of our time have been through the Hoffman Process and all of them say, ‘Boy, this thing is really good, this is designed well, executed magnificently, attracts tremendous, great and inspiring teachers, and delivers a uniform result where people get what they want…”

Mark Victor Hansen (Chicken Soup For The Soul and many others):

It made my spirituality come alive.

Ken Blanchard (One Minute Manager and many others):

“The Hoffman Process enables executives and entrepreneurs to overcome the inevitable life patterns that stifle creativity and thwart business success. The Process more than improved my life, it literally changed it.”

Michael Ray, Ph.D.
Professor Emeritus, Stanford University, Graduate School of Business
Author, Creativity In Business, The Highest Goal

“The most unexpected value I got from the Hoffman work was a fierce resolve to use the rest of my life in a way that I could feel proud of and passionate about – regardless of whether I made as much money, or whether other people approved of my choices., ‘I must follow my heart and my soul no matter what.’

Tony Schwartz
Author, The Power of Full Engagement


Very briefly:  It is a one week deep immersion into one's views and beliefs in life, where one is guided with lots of assistance through writing and devising what viewpoints and beliefs and practices will work to transform your life. 

The evidence is overwhelmingly positive, with even greatly together and successful people uniformly benefit and attest to the great benefit that anyone will get out of it.

There is no greater investment you can make in your life!


What Is The Process?   (Download the pamphlet that explains it: A Path To Personal Treatment And Love, a pdf.)

Particularly useful is that it address the four aspects of self to understand ourselves: body, emotions, intellect, and spiritual self (called the cute phrase: The Quadrinity).

These four aspects are, of course, interrelated and form a complex interactive system.

There are two other distinct combinations of aspects of the

"The Duality" consists of the emotional self and the intellectual self, which can conflict, but must be integrated knowledgeably.

"The Trinity" : the emotional self, the intellectual self, and the spiritual self. 

They address something that is very basic to life: The Negative Love Syndrome.  It is bigger than it sounds, as it includes the beliefs that we pick up from prior generations along with the behaviors that somehow we have fallen into but harm our happiness and our lives.

Unless you straighten out these false viewpoints, you cannot gain a solid core of confidence and personal power in your life.  For all in the workshops there is an acceptance of oneself even as a child and then an acceptance of the whole of the life process.  And ultimately, you come out the other end with a much greater understanding of life and how to live it, including how to be self compassionate and self trusting and very, very happy!  This is at the core of all life wisdom - and it is a core you must have. 

Of course, you should go to the website (www.hoffmaninstitute.org) for in-depth info and other testimonials.


Whether one calls it “healing” (not me, I ain’t a sicko), “spirituality” (not me, I ain’t into the airy fairy stuff), or just plain “getting it all straight” and “discovering the early programming in life that you can now let go of to be more effective”, this is a great resource for “completing”, for really getting into it and finishing what needs to be finished.  The alternative is to live a life of incompletion, repeating the same stuff over and over and living less of a life.

My view of it is:  Unlearning the false conclusions and beliefs we formulated at an early age before we had full logic and/or perspective and then re-formulated, as an adult, what will work, but with expert help that helps assure the reformulations are very soundly based.  

“Emotional learning that occurred early in our lives largely shapes our adult experiences. Whether we are aware of it or not, our very sense of self is more strongly influenced by early life conditioning than most of us ever imagine. This includes our capacity to have happy and successful relationships, career, health and spiritual well being. The negative aspects of this conditioning produce unwanted outcomes and self-defeating behaviors in our adult lives.”

The “Hoffman Quadrinity Process” (HQP) is an 8 day residential program that is the basis for “completing”:

“The HQP brings into awareness the counterproductive beliefs, perceptions and emotional needs that have been adopted from parents and others who shaped our early life experiences. These distortions of reality block our capacity to be fully present and open to life's opportunities. The HQP provides the possibility and tools you need to finally let go of what is not working and to then move naturally into being the primary creative force in all aspects of your life.”

That might sound similar to some promises of other programs that are shorter and less effective, but the difference is that this one does it thoroughly, at the most expert level, and is proven.


The program’s effectiveness has been measured scientifically and over time – it is proven to have greatly superior results, not just superior results.  This is the penultimate program.  See the survey results on their website.


There is not a person on this planet who should not do it.  The only exception would be someone who has done the equivalent elsewhere, which would be highly doubtful and/or rare.


Including lodging , food, and materials:  $3,600 (2010), $4100 (2016)


This is a great benefit and is quite extensive in its offerings and potential.

Graduate Intensive, 3 day residential, further tools to successfully meet all of life’s challenges, $995 including lodging and meals.

Graduate Leadership Path, includes graduate intensive above, pre-written assignment and 10 one hour mentoring sessions over 6-9 months, $3,000, installing components of successful leadership at work, at home or in the community.

Coaching Programs, to support you all the way in whatever your quest is.

Relationship Coaching, private 2 day intensive!

Teleclasses, $25, further discussions to reinforce and expand one’s learning and perspective, something to definitely take advantage of (skip tv for the evening).


The Hoffman Process Changes Lives  (11:28)

What these to get more of a sense of it:  Video page.

Diving deep, "beautifully navigating the process"

Changing old core beliefs that cause anxiety, loss of confidence and self regard.

Gaining self compassion, even self love.

Changing your relationships dramatically for the  

"Massive transformation on how I look at and think about anything."

"A great investment into myself."

A great residual effect - even over time, per actual studies