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Originally, perhaps because of his accent or because of sometimes hokey sounding remarks, I did not see the true value of all that he taught.  However, it is quite convincing when many of the top "guru"s now attribute their success to learning from Jim Rohn. 


Enter Jim Rohn in YouTube to see some of the other ones and also shorter ones. Links like this are subject to being pulled, so you'll need to enter them in the search engine for YouTube to see if they are otherwise available.

Listen, but also take notes!

A Tribute Honoring Jim Rohn (7:31) - Who he has been 

Take Charge Of Your Life, The Winners Seminar  Audio (4:12:54) 

Best Life Ever (Video) - 4:22:38

The Power Of Ambition Audio (6:31:57) A short audio (14:29)

Cultivating An Unshakable Character - Audio (4:51;18)

12 Pillars Of Success Audio (1:59:07)

Three Keys To Greatness - A Guide For Teenagers  (58:42)

2012 Goal Setting Workshop Audio (1:22:15)

Goal Setting Workshop - Learning To Set Goals Audio (1:11:38)

Jim Rohn 2004 Weekend Leadership (30:10)

Network Marketing

Building Your Network Marketing Success
Audio   (1:05:25)  Also called the Magic Of Part Time.


(Enter in youtube.)

The Only Thing That Matters (6:47)

Walk Away From The 90 Per Cent (3:17)

3 Keys To Greatness (5:34)

The Psychology Of Wealth (6:57)

The Law Of Average (6:50)

Do The Best You Can (7:08)

Personal Development (Getting) (13:53)

Are You Wasting A Day? (1:29)

Review the list on, by subject and by rating.

Here is what I'd recommend. 

Be aware that the "context" is often around business, but the truths apply to all of life - so even if you're not a business type person, you can learn much from this great icon.

My Philosophy For Successful Living 

The Art Of Exceptional Living

7 Strategies For Wealth And Happiness