To implement something effectively, everyone, without exception, needs to have a coach.  Note that, though this was developed for "entrepreneurs", most of this is useful for any individual or organization.

Dan Sullivan's The Strategic Coach is at the very top. 

I took the quarterly coaching program for a year and I achieved a huge leap forward, while reducing the energy required and massively increasing my free time (and rejuvenation). 

For financial advisors, to restructure your practice:

Creative Destruction Series
For now, go to their site and buy at least:

x Focusing Your Unique Capability

x The 21 Day Time Breakthrough

x Learning How To Avoid The Gap 

  40 Secrets To Growing Your Entrepreneurial Success 10 X

x The 21 Day Positive Focus

x The Gratitude Principle 

x How The Best Get Better  

Other Ones (I am using this and the list above to keep track of which ones I own for two purposes:  1.  To remind me of what I might read and update myself on and 2.  To purchase those I am missing.)

x The Greatest Teacher You'll Ever Have - Including the Negativity Transformer 

x The Strategy Circle

The Strategic Goal Tracker

x The Producer Group Future

x The D.O.S. Conversation - R-Factor, creating value

x The Great Value Creator Escape - Keeping your business from being commoditized.

x The Great Crossover

x The 21st Century Agent 

x My Strategic Coach notebook - From the workshop

Never Own Anything That Eats While You Sleep

The Dan Sullivan Question - Ask it and transform anyone's future (R-factor)


The Strategic Coach Starter Kit - Do the free webinar, too. (If link broken, click on Resources button.)

Now in my pdf files, in addition to above:

40 Secrets 10x Mindset

Entrepreneurs: Do you have what it takes to create a self-managing company (free download)

Book Available Elsewhere

x The Laws Of Lifetime Growth

Digital Books - Free ones

x The 8 Transformations Of A 10x Entrepreneur 

x How To Get To The Top And Stay There: 10 Strategies For Developing A Multiplier Mindset

YouTube Videos

The Three Wins (3:26) - Not getting stuck in behind short of ideal expectations, by inserting something in the gap.

Focusing Tips For Entrepreneurs (2:26) - A set of criteria...

How Do You Get Your Confidence? (4:40)

Why Growing 10x Is easier Than Going 2X (3:19)

How To Turn Your Vision Into Reality (5:46)

I Love Marketing (46:46) - Interview