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Free, but good and comprehensive, worth alot.

Once you've gone through all the days, you can click back to any day, but until then you must do them in sequence and you're not allowed to reenter until 16 hours later. 


The best way to see all the features and the structure is to go to the site:

The Tool Room Contents

Personal Assessment Tool; Complaint List; Excuse List;  Grateful Tool; Goal Tracker; My Personal Laws; To Do List; Life Collage

THE FINAL DAY: THE AUDIO MESSAGE (A bit of a summary of what this covers.

On Day 92, the last day, his audio message goes something like this:

We have gone past complaints, buts, blame, excuses to responsibility to follow our own rules of the road, for

Our body - nutrition, rest, exercise, checkups, the dentist
Relationship keys

And even dumped out all our excess "stuff" to Goodwill.

You were given a starring role in your own play, which you got to not only write but to decide the role and character you were to play.

Then, when stopped, by the thought police, you needed to be able to clearly state who you are.

You also were elevated to where you got to decide the rules of the road, and where the stop lights are.

You learned to operate off of a daily checklist, to have a better and easier day.

You painted billboards to inspire you and remind you who you are.

You made tapes to remind you of who you are and can be and what it takes.

And you got to decide what is right and what is wrong.

And then you got to apply all this to your life. 

And a reminder on Day 92, the last day, requesting input for themselves, but oh, so true, of how we should run out lives:

"The creative process involves getting input, making a recommendation, getting critical review, getting more input, improving the recommendation, getting more critical review... again and again and again."

And ...

Your brain is the key to your life. How you think directs your actions. Your actions  create results in your life.

Always pay attention to how you are thinking. Make a conscious effort to Train Your Brain to think in a way that produces the life you want.

Your life is your decision!

Tools To Life Evaluation

Videos available on You Tube:   Search word is "toolstolife" and you'll see lots of them, try to go in order of days. YouTube link. 
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