I will eventually write up a super-detailed version of how to use him - and then also I'll join him as an affiliate, so that a portion of whatever people buy can support this non-profit site.

Resources - Brian Tracy - Links to free videos.  Recommended books, CD's, DVD's.

One of the greats - and not just a "motivational" guy.  He studies deeply and has discerned what works and then been incredibly diligent and productive in creating means for other to learn and to utilize the wisdom and practical knowledge that he presents.  He has culled it down to what is most valid and workable and then built it into a meaningful, implementable way of managing one's effectiveness in all endeavors in life, relationships, work, finances, planning - anything that helps create better results in life and a richer, happier life. 

Given that he is "proven" to be a good resource, I am choosing with good conscience to "affiliate" with his organization to provide some offset to the costs of running this site. 

I will be doing a complete plan of what would be good programs for various purposes and posting it to this page.  And, of course, I'll develop a link to his site that when you click on it identifies this site as a source of the referral so we'll receive a piece of the price.  This will be a form of payback from you if you use that link.  (And thank you for supporting this means of contributing to the world and as a means of "paying it forward" to give the benefit to some future user.)

Brian Tracy IS the quintessential example of the potential never-do-well, somebody starting off failing to the left and to the right - but the difference is that he did something about it - and became one of the most successful people on the planet.  So he fits the criteria of associating with a successful example of how it can be done - plus he is set up to be your mentor (via books and tapes, given the super high cost of his personal coaching and time).

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