He wishes to keep anonymous and he seeks no fame.  He only intends to contribute as much practical wisdom as possible to this world.  (He considers something to be "wisdom" only if it is practical, only if it "works" in the world.)

So people might question his existence at all. 

He could, indeed, be just part of the "higher brain" that we all have, with great accumulated accurate knowledge.  His level of thinking is beyond that of the great machine called the "higher brain".  The "higher brain" is only a "rational thinker" in its purest function, but if knowledge is not added or thinking not engaged in, then there are no truly positive outcomes. 

"We have a higher brain, capable of great reasoning.  But until great knowledge is accumulated, there is nothing to process rationally, and without knowledge we are only left with "common sense", with nothing or little to apply it to - so the end product is not likely to be anywhere close to highly productive for one's life and happiness.  The avid pursuit of life wisdom is, I believe, the top priority to enable one to live a great life."            
                                                                    The BuddhaKahuna 

And he could be, simply, our "highest self", the being we are when we are at our very best...


Is he a real person? 

It doesn't really matter, as it is up to you to choose for yourself what makes sense or not - and then to adopt that which is true and useful for you.

You will see his wisdom in snippets throughout the website.  And I am most grateful for that.

He is committed, as the Buddha, to having people relieve their suffering and to "know their bliss".  Further, he is committed to not only the "good idea" of it, but the actual implementation of it. 

He is not fat, like the Buddha supposedly was, as he knows that being anything other than suitably trim is not conducive to thinking and functioning well.

He adheres to no religion or rigid set of beliefs. 

His sole goal is to increase the ability for humans to be completely happy and fully satisfied with life.  Although this sounds like a "feeling" goal, it is much more than that - it includes increasing the effectiveness of the individual in managing his/her life to achieve the true purpose of life. 

As does the Dalai Lama, he believes that the purpose of life is happiness. 

One of his truths is that it does not matter how "right" your viewpoint is but the fruits that it produces in terms of real results that benefit people. 

More later, on the BuddhaKahuna

Definition of "kahuna":  A Hawaiian word, meaning a "priest, sorcerer, magician, wizard, minister, expert in any profession."  He can be an expert in medicine, as were the "medicine men" of America's tribes.  He is usually a very rarely wise elder in the tribe.  The latter is primarily the meaning used in this piece.

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