Draft, notes


To develop, and/or find, resources that will teach and guide individuals to be highly effective in their lives and to be deeply happy no matter what.


And to make it highly accessible so that more people will engage in it.  To the extent possible, at least for our part of the services, to provide at no cost to the individual.

Additionally, it is an objective to help individuals to rise to the current ability levels of the top 1%, but to increase that to 5% of the US population and to see the percentage rise in other countries as well, according to their circumstances and the availability of resources to their citizens. 

As a part of the process, we would include:

Coaches (outside at this time, but later some interior to the organization)
Videos and teaching methods (with tracking systems, including testing) similar to the Khan Academy
Practical forms, workbooks, programs, and systems that people can use to facilitate their progress.
     Publish some books for use in these programs but also for independent use
Teachers from the outside
Ideally trainings (from the outside as well) that would include "boot camps" that would be highly effective in a short term [several days or a week] immersion program.

Long term

Include scholarships to worthy programs
Adopt neighborhoods to do "self-improvement" projects for the neighborhood and for the individuals in the neighborhood, more as a group.
Practical projects to increase the ease of living and affording to live, such as
    Specially designed housing that has high convertibility of use for each room and
        minimal space but in safe neighborhoods or enclaves.
To be worthy of and to fund the program with substantial cash infusions and support from the Gates Foundation and other key foundations.
To have the organization be self supporting and to have it last forever and bulding to be a major force for the good of individuals and the world

Turning this all into a reality is my challenge and my commitment.  And I aim to do the most good I can for individuals and for this world, for the rest of my life.

Keith Garrick