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INDIVIDUALS.  Individuals may use this website without cost or limits, since its purpose is to aid people in the process of creating the abilities to fully live life.  They might also wish to use this with various advisors.

PROFESSIONALS.  Professionals may use this website freely for use with their clients but may not use the materials for profit, publishing, etc. in any way other than specified herein.

We would encourage professionals (counselors, coaches, even business managers) to use the programs (learning plans, sequences, etc.) in order to provide clients with a systematic means of making their lives more effective.  The advantage to the professional is that he or she will have several programs that have successive steps to go through with the client, where the professionals can provide providing ongoing value and guidance.  Otherwise, I've noticed, some relationships are relatively short and incomplete (in my opinion).  Clients experience a gain from coaching, feel a bit better and then stop, prematurely, in my opinion.  Typically, they will have "solved" (actually just relieved the pressure short term) the immediate part of their most pressing psychological or life problem.  The materials herein are intended to allow the client to continue on to a deeper solution, one which you can contribute value to without feeling a conflict of interest in billing for more than a few limited hours. 

See the Learning Plans and various programs for sequencing.  As you develop a sequencing or learning plans for your use with clients, we would appreciate your sharing them, as we are looking for the best way to involve people in completing what they really need to complete.


Whether you are a professional or an individual who would like to contribute to helping others, we would appreciate your contributions and you will get full credit for them, if you wish.  The key criteria are usability, practicality, efficiency in terms of being to the point in the most brief way.   Simply attach the document, with your information within the document to an e-mail.  We'll look at it and post it to the website if it appears to be useful for the site's users.


Because people do not follow through if there is no program or "next step".

Following a sequenced program permits one to be sure to finish each and all of the steps necessary to actually "complete" in an area.  Without completion, the problem underneath the immediate problem simply resurfaces (as you know).

Often, coaching is just done to solve an immediate problem (the motivating factor) and to get the client moving.  Coaching typically stops after the initial three or six month contract because there is no "next step."

For instance, a coach or counselor could have a set of programs (not necessarily in this sequence) that carries the client along a path of a series of completions such as:

   Handling the BASIC CONCERNS and problems (creating a program to          do so).
   Developing PSYCHOLGICALl skills and methods to serve one to have
      a better life.
          Upset and emotional management
          Stress management
   Developing a program and monitoring the progress in the PHYSICAL
   Developing LIFE MANAGEMENT skills
          What is the most productive way to manage one's life
          Problem solving
          Thinking and learning
                 Short term
                 Long term
                 Values planning, purpose/mission, how then shall I live?
          Practices installed to keep one on track instead of the inevitable on
             and off pattern
                 Utilizing the Gratitude/Reminders/Inspiration system tools
   Developing a program and installing the skills to better handle
          Blame, criticism, make wrong
          Communication methods/forms, etc. that facilitate understanding
             and problem resolution
          Creating the relationship you want - purpose, mission, values,
   Managing the material and fFINANCIAL aspects of life

UPDATES:  If you'd like updates on what is going on or what has been added, especially "programs," use the above service.



With your feedback, contributions, suggestions, questions, etc.  Your help is appreciated as are your questions.  We are most happy to help you where we can.


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