When asked who, dead or alive, I would ost like to have lunch with, Oprah came up at the top of the list.

She has been a true hero, overcoming the potential limitations of her childhood and past and, despite the drags, she has pushed forward into creating a great empire of good for the world.  (See at the end of this piece some of my concerns and hope for her well-being.)

I would love to partner with her to develop a true free resource for people in this world to use to improve and to be able to run their lives effectively to create deep happiness for themselves and at least for those whom they are closest to.  In addition to the huge impact on a huge number of people, the effect would ripple outward to make a significant difference in improving this world. 


Oprah must have incredible strength to be able to, metaphorically, run towards what is good but with such obstacles, weights, and chains.  True, she has achieved greatness, but, methinks, she has not achieved all she could for the benefit of herself - nor for the world.
(Yes, it seems ludicrous to say she can achieve more, as if criticizing her - but I am not criticizing her at all, as I honor her at the very highest.  Objectively, I believe that there are some very seeable obstacles which can, like for the rest of us, be removed to free her up to effortlessly do even more good in this world. 

She embraces some philosophies that are very good, but I am afraid that they've been misapplied and/or had erroneous parts within them.  Some of it involves "magical" explanations, some of which might possibly be true but most of which, methinks, are not.  (Read The Believing Brain, at least the summary points at the top of the piece.)

Out of concern and hope, I wrote Oprah, Please, Take Care Of Yourself.  It would be my fantasy to have her read it and heed it, to have her climb out of the belief trap that has her stuck in a very unhealthy behavior set. 

People I Admire, People Who Inspire - Some great models that offer clues as to how to succeed and make a difference.

Directory Of Resources Related To Oprah's Entities - If used properly, a vastly beneficial abundance of great resources!

I would like to see her be involved in implementing some of the Super-Ideas For The Future.