In process...meanwhile just pop onto the sites:
                                                                      OWN TV 

Someday I would love to join Oprah in her work, as my work fits in perfectly, I think.

The site is highly valuable, and I direct you, below on how to use the Own TV site.



( One of the greatest resources, but it seems to not be widely known.  Interviews (Muhammad Ali, Bush, Madonna, Wayne Dyer, Dr. Oz, etc. and etc.) classes, workshops (Eckhart Tolle), book club videos (Ken Follett, etc.).  Also, read some of the written pieces available (Village, etc,)  

Link into the parts of the site via, at bottom, "Everything Oprah". 

They have a "Take Notes" feature, where you can store your notes, into your personal online journal.  Other services: 

Join for free.  Do your own story board.


*Oprah's Lifeclass* - From Deepak Chopra to Tony Robbins, etc. Very good.

    LifeWork Lessons - Questions, where you can fill in the answers and save them, that continue the  
        conversation deeper after the class.
    Life Work Tools - A useful written summary format on the subject of the discussions.

*Oprah's Next Chapter* - Interviews with accomplished people, her experiences in India. Greate.

Eckhart Tolle 
    Extensive series on Oprah's site.  Excellent. 

Marcus Buckingham - Career workshop

Wayne Dyer - How To Be Spiritual Every Day, How to Help Your Children Be Free of Stress and Anxiety
Worried? How Not to Let It Get the Best of You, Excuses Begone! The Resolution It's Never Too Late to Make, Ambition with Meaning, Restore Your Faith, Make Your Spirituality a Priority, Living from Greatness, Living the Wisdom of the Tao, More on Taoism, Taoism 101, The Power of Thoughts,


Martha Beck
Happiness Plan (Also lots of happiness articles in other parts)



She is having trouble getting the network going, as her cable channel is often not in the regular ones provided.  Please ask to get it on your service.  Please help this very valuable resource come into its full power.  It is a super resource for self-development that could make a huge difference in this world. 

I had to purchase an extra package to get OWN.

Find the search engine on each page, to find a subject or person.

On first page:  Note at top Oprah's LifeClass and OWN TV

Click on OWN TV:  See On Right Now, for what is on.  See the schedule.

Click on Full Episodes: Full episodes of many of the OWN programs

Click on Videos:  Lots and lots of good quality, brief, a few minutes, to fit in here and there, when you don't have time to really concentrate.

Click on Schedule:  Locate the items of interest and record them or watch them live.
     The ones I have decided to record: 
          Breakthrough With Tony Robbins
          Oprah's Next Chapter - Powerful visits with powerful people, all over the world.
          Oprah's Life Class (1 hour)
          Oprah's LifeClass - The Tour (2 hours)
          Master Class - From Sydny Poitier to ...

Oprah's LifeClass (The Tour):  (Click on it in the top ribbon of options on the page.

     Classes - Same as in Life Work section
     Life Work - 6 key lessons in life, with workbooks: pain, fearlessly, live with purpose, forgiveness,
          Chopra, Gratitude
     Weekly Questions:  Great life questions and you are able to see alot of other people's answers.
     Oprah's Life Class Season One (under Catch Up On Season 1):  25 life lessons from Opera.
     My Notes: A place for you to write and save your notes.  (I do my notes in Word documents, so I can
          sort them as I wish. 
     Life Work Tools - Various articles, high quality.  Good for reading when you're bored or need a break
          or just to be entertained.
     Webcasts -To get live streaming

Tony Robbins' Breakthrough - If you're not moved by these...  And you can't help but find something of value here - and a higher perspective on life.

Let me know some of your favorites so I can post them to this or another relevant directory in order to have others access it. 

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