SPECIAL "CHANNELS", COLLECTIONS - A "channel" on YouTube is a collection under one source.  Consider (highly recommended) subscribing to the channels - then you'll have useful content vying for your attention, pushing out the useless info! - An incredible number of worthwhile limited-to-20-minutes presentations.  Use the playlists to watch related videos.

Habits Of Happiness,  Matthieu Ricard (aka the Happiest Man In The World)

GoogleTechTalks (See others also on this "channel".)

      Be Your Own Therapist, Venerable Robina Courtin, a very practical Buddhist.
      Change Your Mind, Change Your Brain: The Inner Conditions...  Matthieu Ricard (aka the Happiest Man
            In The World)
      Toward The First Revolution In The Mind Sciences, Alan Wallace 
      Cognitive Neuroscience Of Mindfulness Meditation, Philippe Goldin

Google: (45-60 minutes)

    Mindfulness With John Kabat-Zinn 
    Mindfulness Stress Reduction And Healing   (with John Kabat-Zinn) 

    The Role Of Spiritual Practice In The Modern World,  Les Kaye (Zen)

    DNA And The Brain,  Dr. James D. Watson, discoverer of DNA structure (fast forward past the
        "stuck" title)

    David Allen:  Getting Things Done - His methods reduce anxiety substantially.

UCSF UC Television (go to others on this channel in YouTube)

    The Art Of Living Every Minute Of Your Life, Dr. Rachel Naomi Remen, an early pioneer in the mind/body
       holistic health movement.

StanfordBusiness YouTube

    The Top Ten Life Lessons (Last Lecture Series), Robert Joss, Dean  [Enter in YouTube, for others of this
         ilk:  life lessons.] 


Option Institute site -  This site's main page on The Option Institute And Barry Neil Kaufman.  Substantial webinars to the point, brief, and of great value.  See my Evaluation Of Option.
Landmark Education - Short illustrations of some key philosophical/useful concepts.  Go to "see it in action" section. Key concepts to "know".   My page on the site:  Landmark Education As A Resource For Wisdom.


  Philosophy Of Life
  Life Lessons 

Life And Success Coaching

Matthew Ferry - From happiness to performance to mindset to success, 66 videos on his YouTube channel.


People to search for on YouTube (See Videos People Who Inspire Me, Who I Admire.)

    Dalai Lama (Nature Of The Mind, Finding Happiness In Troubled Times, other excellent choices)  
    Tony Robbins
     Albert Einstein (How I See The World,) 

Secrets Of Body Language  


Resources For Success - Link into video lessons from the top identified teachers.  (Free) You can have the equivalent of whole courses for grounding in being successful at life.

Instant Reference For Valuable Browsing - The master reference page to start from, leading to this one and others.