A mock up of this character by an assistant writer, waiting for correction and writing by the chief writer.

The impact of the character:

The movie has Barbara believing that her mother is directing her life and that there is no way out.

The archetype:  Jewish mother

The behavior of the character:  Criticism, pointing out shortcomings, making up impossible standards, trying to drive her daughter to success in life (her form of "love", but the only way she really knew how), classic co-dependence (neediness for daughter, sometimes very close, sometimes being harsh and unloving...)

Understanding the character:  She is driven by approval and looking good to others, making impressions.  Her standards were even unreachable by her; although she received positive recognition from others, she always felt unfulfilled.

Accepting the character:

"I understand she was trying to have me be successful in life the best way she knew how.  She had a huge area of lack of awareness in the emotional intelligence area plus a number of other misbeliefs.  Barbara naturally took those on as alternatives to have in her life, but has yet to choose which to disregard as untrue and unworkable.  Barbara needs to understand that this is not dishonoring her mother, and is solely about debunking the erroneous beliefs and dysfunctional behaviors, over which her mother had no control, as her awareness was limited in this regard. 

See Barbara And Her Mother, Shifting The Viewpoint About Her Mother, Providing Freedom From It.

The history of the character

Her childhood was
Her mother influenced her
She was, like Barbara or anyone, the product of her upbringing and what she was exposed to, working out in her own way what she thought would work for her and what life was about. 

The drama the Director creates from this character

Torment.  A character for Barbara to morph into, copying her mother's behavior, playing it out, unknowingly.